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Petmate Rubberized Litter Mat

Petmate Rubberized Litter Mat

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Product Description

Is litter scatter leaving your feeling scattered?  Now you can minimize messy and obnoxious litter scatter with this innovative Petmate's Rubberized Molded Cat Litter Mat.  Constructed from a soft rubber, this mat features a grooved, stylish design that helps trap loose cat litter.

Simply place this awesome mat right outside the litter pan for your cat to step on keep his paws (and your floor) litter free because the ribbed surface acts as a trap to clean litter out from his paws.  Ships in assorted random colors and measures 13.5 inches x 17 inches.  Weighs in at 1.17 lbs.


Very pleased with the way this ribbed mat gets my kitten's paws clean of litter so it doesn’t end up on my floor. It looks great in my home and works great too. The cost was very well worth the quality.

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