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Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

Product Description

Put a lid on cat box odor once and for all!  This Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan is here to make cleanup easier because it houses the litter inside the box. 

The nice wide top opening easily allows access by all sizes of cats.  Inside it has plenty of space for them to turn around so they can dig, spray and have privacy too...and their pet parents can rest at ease, knowing the high walls will prevent litter mess from spilling over the edge and ending up on the floor. 

For those with multi-pets, this container keeps nosey dogs out of the mess.  The litter is trapped by a textured, non-slip lid when your cat jumps out. 

The litter then falls back into the grates that are large enough to accommodate most litter types.  The molded bottom handle and rounded edges help you get a handle on lifting the box with ease, moving the pan and pouting out old litter too.  A built-n hook feature allows for a litter scoop to be hung.  Cleans easily with soap and water. 

This product is proudly made in the USA from 95% pre-consumer recyclable materials so it is very eco-friendly.  The dimensions are 20.29" X 15.07" X 15.2" and it weighs 3.87 lbs.  Put an end to the nightmare of scattered litter today.

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This pan is perfect to keep my Basset Hound out of the litter.  I was searching for a solution when my friend saw this solution and told me about it. My cat likes going in it and I like that it helps me keep my floor clean my Basset’s nose clean as well. It is really easy to empty and clean too.

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