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Petmate Ultimate Litter Scoop

Petmate Ultimate Litter Scoop

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Product Description

Here’s the scoop, the Petmate Ultimate Litter Scoop is the bomb when it comes to mess-free poop scooping.  The molded plastic scoop is very strong yet lightweight too so you can scoop a generous amount, perfect for large cats and multiple cat households.  The handle is unique in that it is extra-long so it reaches in places traditional scoopers don’t. 

You’ll never have to bend and stoop again to keep your cat’s litter box spotless.  The design also features rounded corners that follow the shape of your litter pan or box so that the scoop also gets the side and bottom clumps that tend to stick.  This scooper is built to last and has a grooved rubber gripping handle with a convenient and comfortable thumb depression.  The high-back construction of the design allows for more sifting per scoop, saving time and effort too. 

Weighs in at .375 lbs. and has the dimensions of 17.5" X 6" X 4"9.


Yay! Finally found the best buy ever for pooper scoopers.  I love how easy this scoop makes picking up litter from my two cats. Good deal that I highly recommend.  No stooping for poop scooping ever again.

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