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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Petmate Ultra Lightweight Double Diner

Petmate Ultra Lightweight Double Diner

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Product Description

This Ultra Lightweight Double Diner is perfect for holding your pet’s food and water.  It’s made with bacteria resisting Microban antimicrobial material to help keep your pet healthy.  The Double Diner is sturdy so it holds up to occasional chewing.  The convenient notches on the side ensure pick up, cleaning and refilling are made easy.  The design is modern and sleek so it’s a great fit for any style of décor.  Available in various colors and sizes.


Dimensions: 4" X 4" X .5"
Product Weight: 0.0625 LB


These Lightweight Double Diner bowls are so inexpensive, I bought five.  Two are kept in the house, one for my cat and one for my puppy.  I keep two outside for when they are in the backyard and keep one in my car for times I take my puppy with me to my sister’s house or elsewhere.  They are durable and look nice plus, they are so cheap, I can afford to have them just about everywhere.  Really like that they help keep germs from multiplying in the bowl too.

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