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Petmate Walkabout Glow In The Dark Retractable Leash

Petmate Walkabout Glow In The Dark Retractable Leash

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Product Description

Are you feeling a bit in the dark when it comes to having your dog out after the sun goes down?  We want to protect our furry friends in every way we can and Petmate gets that.  That’s why the Petmate Walkabout Glow in the Dark Retractable Leash glows brightly in the dark to shine some light on the dangers your pooch can face in the darkness.  It allows him greater freedom at night while remaining in your loving care.  The leash is lightweight and is ergonomically designed so it fits comfortably and securely in your hand. 

The trigger-style feature helps you by letting your index finger control the leash for super quick action to give you tangle-free results.  You’ll never get twisted again!  The glow in the dark technology makes this innovative leash glow in the dark for a relaxing, safe, and wonderful walk under the moonlight.  The sizes available are: extra small for dogs up to 18 lbs., small for dogs from 18-25 lbs, medium for dogs up to 50 lbs., and large for dogs between 50 and 110 lbs. The dimensions vary, according to the size you choose. 


Since I don’t get home until after dark, walking my dog was not very easy.  I worried he’d get hit by a car.  But this glow leash has allowed us to go for night time walks and is very good as far as the mechanics. I have had cheap retractables before and they were a nightmare. I have a medium dog and the medium size was great. It lights up well and is very easy to use.  Great product and very helpful.

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