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Precision Pet Choice Exercise Pen

Precision Pet Choice Exercise Pen

Product Description

No more naughty dog!  Contain your pet and keep him out of trouble and safe too.  This Petmate Precision Pet Ultimate Exercise Pen is the perfect solution for keeping your pup in check. 

An exercise pen makes the ideal playground for outdoors and inside too.  It accommodates a wide variety of sizes and breeds of furry friends.  It features eight, 2-foot wide sturdy panels that easily set up to serve as a 16-foot "fence" or can work for an exercise pen as well.

Made of strong and durable, solid steel construction, the finish is electro-coat and rust resistant which means it will last a long, long time. 

You can even add more play space by simply attaching the Playmate Ultimate Pen to most any wire crate because bolt snaps are included to hook right up. 

For your pup’s safety, the Playmate Ultimate has a drop-pin feature that assures no wires, pens, or screws are exposed.  An innovative 3-point locking door lets you in easily but keeps your dog safely inside. 

Your floor won’t get damaged since recessed fasteners protect it. 

The Ultimate Exercise Pen is a cinch to fold flat and has a super convenient handle so you can take it along when you travel and easily store it as well. 

This pen is perfect for all sizes and breeds of dogs.  Please note that the sizes depend on the height of the panels.  The measurements are 16' L x 24" H and it weighs 20.4 LB, making it easy to transport. 

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Nice and very safe dog exercise pen. It is not at all flimsy like many are. It was very easy to set up and to take down to.  My favorite features are the secure pens, the handle that makes it easy to carry and also the fact that it is very sturdy and well made. This pen rates an A+ with me because it has all I need in a pen and was very affordable.

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