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Precision Pet Dog House Door

Precision Pet Dog House Door

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Product Description

If you don’t like having to leave your dog out in the cold and rain, imagine how HE feels!  Now, both you and your pooch can rest easy. 

The Petmate Precision Pet Dog House Door keeps cold air out and protects your beloved pet from elements like snow and rain. It’s constructed of super heavy-duty plastic and features an innovative weather-resistant finish.  There is also vinyl material that thoughtfully keeps your dog comfortable and protected from insects too during the harsh summer months. 

This doggie house door is compatible with the medium and large sized Petmate Precision Pet dog houses and also works with most other medium-to-large ones as well.  The plastic flaps are flexible and can easily be adjusted to the exact width of the door on your dog’s house. 

The dimensions are 25.3" X 16.1" and it weighs just 2.2 LB.


We moved and took our dog’s house with us.  He prefers to be outdoors and always has been an outside dog but we moved to the mountains and the nights and winters are much colder plus, it snows and rains much more. I did feel bad for my dog so I began looking for some kind of a solution to keep the wind, rain, and snow out. Luckily I found this vinyl door. It works quite well and I am happy knowing he is much more comfortable.

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