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Precision Pet Extreme Rabbit Shack II

Precision Pet Extreme Rabbit Shack II

Product Description

What’s better than a Petmate Precision Pet Extreme Rabbit Shack?  Maybe the Petmate Precision Pet's Extreme Rabbit Shack II!  It’s the ideal place for your rabbits to hole up in.  It even works as a habitat for guinea pigs and other small critters too. 

This fine shack features ventilated breeding and nesting areas that are built in and has separate doors to access them with.  A well-built flip-up plastic corrugated roof has a hinged design for easy access too and is thoughtfully made to keep snow and rain off your furry ones.

Removable durable wood and wire grid flooring has removable slide-out pans so clean up is always quick and easy, just as it should be. The superb wood finish will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.

This shack stands 2 ft. off the ground.  It measures in at 46 inches in length by 24 inches in width. Assembly is required.  The dimensions are 46" X 24" X 48" and it weighs 56.6 LB. 

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Was having an awful time keeping my rabbits in. This Rabbit Shack 2 did the trick. It is a nice place to keep them and is made well and didn’t cost as much as I feared it might. Quite pleased and recommend.

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