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Precision Pet Little Stinker House Breaking Pads

Precision Pet Little Stinker House Breaking Pads

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Product Description

Got a little stinker in the house?  Say goodbye to the stench and hello to freshness.  The Petmate Precision Pet Little Stinker House Breaking Pads make potty training a cinch and put an end to odors, tracking, and help reduce leakage too. 

The unique and innovative 6-Layer Liquid Lock System keeps wetness in and absorbs up to hundred times its own volume. Furthermore, each ultra-absorbent pad stands head and shoulders above the rest, absorbing 50% more wetness than other leading housebreaking pads.  

Each one of the six layers provides the ultimate in dryness because they contain superabsorbent polymers that upon contact, instantly turn liquids into a gel.  That means the pad stays nice and dry.  The top layer is quilted and is also tear-resistant and fast drying so you avoid messy accidents and it prevents tracking too.

These Little Sinker Pads thoughtfully contain antimicrobials help eliminate and contain odors so your pup’s housebreaking area smells fresh. Little Stinker Pads have a non-skid backing and feature sealed edges so they protect your floors and all other covered surfaces. 

The large pads measure 24 inches x 24 inches. Extra-large pads measure 30 inches x 30 inches.  Make puppy potty training a breeze...with these!


These pads are great. They are much more absorbent than any others I have tried. When you’re dealing with a litter of puppies like I am, quality means a lot. The sealed edges are perfect because leakage often comes through the edges. Great product! I will continue to buy these.

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