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Precision Pet Log Cabin

Precision Pet Log Cabin

Product Description

What if you could give your dog...a log cabin to call his Home, Sweet Home?  Now, you can.  No more feeling guilty because you have an outside dog.  You’ll also have a lucky dog because this Petmate Precision Pet Log Cabin comes in three different sizes, so there’s one to perfectly accommodate your furry friend. 

The shelter is precisely constructed using top-grade solid wood.  It’s ideal for all seasons since it protects from the hot summer sun, the cold winter air, snow, rain, and even wind. The slanted roof design keeps snow and rain at bay and the raised floor means your beloved dog will stay dry and his house will be ventilated. 

The quality craftsmanship of the shelter keeps climate temperatures stable and also protects against dust and debris due to the offset entry point.  You won’t believe how easy this log house is to assemble...just three simple steps that can all be completed with one single screwdriver (not included). 

The dimensions are 33.5" X 24.6" X 22".  It weighs in at 25.6 LB.

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Beautiful log home for my dear dog.  He is an outside dog.  He wouldn’t want to be inside if he could be.  But it gets hot and cold outdoors and I always felt sorry for him. No more though. He is the king of the log castle. It was very easy to assemble, just like it says. It looks gorgeous too.

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