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Precision Pet Red Barn Ranch Chicken Coop

Precision Pet Red Barn Ranch Chicken Coop

Product Description

You’ll have the best roost on the ranch when you get this Petmate Precision Pet Red Barn Ranch Chicken Coop.  The design will be the envy of the neighborhood with the fashionable red barn ranch look that fits into any backyard or farm. 

This coop is a convenient way to house your chickens without having to pay a fortune to have one made or spend time and money doing it yourself. 

The design is a thoughtful one, carefully thought out so all you need is a screwdriver and to follow eleven super easy steps to assemble it. 

It is constructed with the utmost care and has top-quality solid wood with a plastic corrugated roof for keeping the rain and snow off. 

This fine chicken barn accommodates 5-7 chickens and even has a very wide foraging area so your chicks will feel right at home.  It is easy to clean with nesting boxes that conveniently slide out.  Because of the size, there is an extra surcharge added on at the checkout. 

The product can only ship by ground.  The dimensions are 74.8" X 41" X 58" and it weighs 132.28 LB.

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Wow!  This is the nicest chicken coop I have ever seen. I am stunned! It cost very little, even including shipping, for all I get in the mix. My chickens love it and are producing better since they are not stressed.  It is keeping them warm now that winter is setting in and keeps rain out too. Easy to clean! Easy to access! If you have chickens, you’d do well to grab this deal. My neighbors continue to comment on it and I’ve had it almost 9 months.  I think they are jealous.  Who can blame them? Seriously, it looks very stylish and is very, very sturdy!

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