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Precision Pet Reversible Panel Dog House

Precision Pet Reversible Panel Dog House

Product Description

Having trouble sleeping at night knowing your beloved furry friend is outside in the elements?  Now, you can rest easy knowing your pet is protected with the awesome Petmate Precision Pet's Reversible Panel Dog House.  It is specially designed so your dog has the maximum protection against weather like heat, cold, snow, rain, and wind. 

This innovative Petmate Reversible Panel Dog House thoughtfully features an entrance that it off-centered so it helps block wind, dirt, debris, snow, rain, and other harsh outdoor elements.

This fine dog house is skillfully constructed of durable, solid wood that is built to last.  It also has a slanted asphalt roof which enables it to repel water from rain, melting snow, or even from the lawn sprinkler in the summertime. 

It is a fashion statement to your yard with a stylish design sure to make your neighbors green with envy.  Treat your top dog right with this house that three inches above the ground to ward off the cold ground in the winter, soggy ground during rain, freezing ground when it’s snowing, and to add some breathing room in the hot summer. 

This Panel Dog House comes in red or gray and assembles with ease in just 4 simple steps.  A screwdriver is required for assembling.  Due to the large size of this Panel House, an oversized item shipping surcharge is applied at checkout and it can only be sent via ground shipping. 

The dimensions are 45.5" X 30.9" X 31.8".  It accommodates dogs up to 90 lbs. and weighs 63.93 LB.  No more losing sleep over your dog’s discomfort when you treat him to this ultimate dog house.

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I am still in shock. This dog house is much more than I expected for the low price I paid. It is very well built and keeps all the elements out. I was amazed at the simplicity of putting it up too.  Thanks, Petmate.  My dog is now much more comfortable and yes, my neighbors are envious. I just tell them where they can get one too because it is an improvement to the neighborhood if they do get one.

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