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Precision Pet ValuPaws Training Pads

Precision Pet ValuPaws Training Pads

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Product Description

Oooooppps...not again!  When nature calls, your pup makes a stinky mess.  That is unless you have Petmate Precision Pet® ValuPaws Training Pads. 

These absorbent puppy and dog pads are perfect for potty training and for older dogs with continence issues. You’ll find there’s no more stench because these innovative pads are scented so they effectively attract your furry one and encourage him to use the pad.  Like magic, he will be enticed and will learn exactly where to do his business.  Your rugs and floors stay protected and your home smells like it should, not like dog do and pee.  

These Petmate Pads are thoughtfully made using a super absorbent material that is also resistant to tearing.  The pads are disposable so there’s never a mess left behind.  Need a little boost in house training your pooch? You’ll get step-by-step housetraining instructions as a perk for your purchase.  With ValuPaws, you’re never in pet parenting alone. 

The pads measure 22 x 22 inches.  Get your pup’s potty training in gear with ValuPaws Pads.


These pads are the thickest and most absorbent I’ve ever tried.  It makes a huge difference, trust me. I do wish they were a little cheaper but on the cheaper ones, I have to use two and still come out wet so...they are a pretty good deal.

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