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Ruffmaxx Bowl

Ruffmaxx Bowl

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Product Description

Are you tired of your ruff guy ruffing up his bowl?  Does your dog chew his bowl or go through them like nobody’s business?  If so, you need the extra heavy duty Petmate Ruffmaxx Bowl. 

This bowl is built tuff and holds up through anything your dog can dish out. This bowl is the perfect choice for pups that walk a little on the wild side.  It is shatter resistant, won’t scratch and won’t stain either.  It is dishwasher and microwaveable too. 

There are a number of assorted sizes so one is sure to be a perfect fit for your pooch.  The dimensions are 7" X 7" X 2".  The bowl holds 32 OZ and it weighs 1.09 LB.


I was very tired of my dog devouring every bowl he had. I got him this one and it has lasted six months. It’s dishwasher safe which is awesome.


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