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Ruffmaxx Mossy Oak Custom Fit Collar

Ruffmaxx Mossy Oak Custom Fit Collar

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Product Description

This empowered collar is just what outdoor enthusiasts need when taking their four-legged friend along for some fun under the sun.  It is built tough so it will be able to endure through all the outdoors dishes out like unusual wear and tear and has safety features that are required when out in the wild too. 

The Petmate Ruffmaxx Massy Oak Custom Fit Collar is dependable and strong.  Features like slip leads, center O-ring, reflection and leather construction are available to enhance the features.  The collar is waterproof too which is ultra-important when weathering the outdoor elements. 

The collar can be adjusted to attain the perfect fit, accommodating a larger variety of sized dogs plus fitting smaller necked dogs with a larger collar with a unique pin keeper. Available in a number of different materials, this collar is ideal for dogs who will be enjoying outdoor settings of all types.  The dimensions are 11" X 22-26" and it weighs just 0.23 LB, making it lightweight and comfortable on your furry friend.


My dog is a very active, outside dog. We have had trouble with regular collars in the past. This one is very good for outdoors. It is weatherproof and waterproof and fits him wonderfully. High quality too.

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