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Ruffmaxx TPU Reflective Flat Collar

Ruffmaxx TPU Reflective Flat Collar

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Product Description

High-powered outdoor companions need high-powered leashes and collars that you can depend on for holding up to the "ruff" conditions of the great outdoors. 

That’s why Petmate has introduced the Petmate Ruffmaxx TPU Reflective Flat Collar and all the other collars and leashes in the Ruffmaxx line.  Sporting and outdoor dog lovers will appreciate the features of the products like the reflection collars that help keep your furry one safe and night and the waterproofing that helps keep him dry. 

You’ll never have to sacrifice style for function though.  These leashes are the bark of the neighborhood.  They also have special innovative features such as leather options, slip leads, center O-rings, and traffic leads. 

This company is a multi-tasker!  The TPU coated material keeps outdoor stenches at bay.  This product is thoughtfully available in a variety of materials which includes: orange TPU coated, cheery orange TPU coated with a reflective stripe, bright Blaze orange 2-ply nylon, and handsome brown leather.

The Petmate Ruffmaxx TPU Reflective Flat Collar has TPU to reduce odors your dog picks up being outdoors and sports the safety feature of nylon with bright refl+ective detailing for great. This awesome TPU reflective flat collar is ideal for dogs of all sizes because it has been specially designed using an exclusive, unique pin keeper, which makes it where a longer collar can be utilized for a smaller necked dog.  

The dimensions are 1" X 20-28" and it weighs 1.333 LB.  Don’t leave your best friend behind because you have collar or leash issues.  Take him along for the fun when you get your Fido one of these great leashes and collars today!


My dog is shaped funny and always is able to slip out of his collar, especially when we are out in the woods and he is tracking. I try to hold him back but he slips right out. This collar holds him though which is greatly appreciated so I can make sure he stays safe and doesn’t get lost. It is very strong too, another safety feature. The reflective aspect is priceless. Great all around product that I highly recommend.

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