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Ruffmaxx Two Ply Leash

Ruffmaxx Two Ply Leash

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Product Description

When you’re walking or running your dog in the elements, you need a high-powered outdoor leash and collar that accommodates the needs you’ll have.  The Ruffmaxx line gets that.  They understand that you need things like this Petmate Ruffmaxx Two Ply Leash that will service all your needs.  I

t is super strong and sturdy and holds up to the wear and tear the great outdoors can throw your way.  The line also has features like quick release snap and traffic leads, center O-ring, and waterproof and reflective collars. Other great features available are slip leads and leather options which are thoughtfully available this multi-tasking outdoor line.

The Ruffmaxx products are available in a variety of materials, orange TPU coated with a reflective stripe, including orange TPU coated bright Blaze orange 2-ply nylon and handsome brown leather. This Petmate Ruffmaxx Leash gives you the strength and security you need with a 2-ply nylon design and is very visible with bright reflective detailing.

This product is lovingly designed for your dog’s comfort and for its dependability.  The dimensions are 1" x 60" and it weighs just 1.458 LB for easy handling.


Most reflective products don’t show up well at night. I live in the country and often walk my dog after dark. There are a lot of animals he’d like to run after which might not be a safe thing for him to do so I keep him on a leash. It has to be strong and I like to have a reflective one in case he gets away. This Petmate Ruffmaxx leash is very reflective and very strong too. I highly recommend it.

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