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SnooZZy Rustic Drawer Bed - Buff

SnooZZy Rustic Drawer Bed - Buff

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Product Description

Why not treat your dog to the bed he’s been dreaming of while adding to the look and feel of your home décor at the same time?  Since when has a dog bed been an addition to home décor? 

This Petmate SnooZZy® Rustic Drawer Bed sports the rustic design that is so popular for home decorating.  Your dog will be able to have a cozy spot all his own that can slide under or into a dark, secluded place where no one will bother him.  It is uniquely designed with his comfort and security in mind with ample space to curl and snooze. 

The sleep surface is made from an ultra-soft, super luxurious plush fabric that thoughtfully features a non-skid bottom. The bolster is overstuffed to give your dog extra support for his neck, back, and head so it is ideal for aging dogs, dogs with medical issues, and dogs who have trouble finding the right position to sleep in. 

It is easy to care for - just toss it in the washing machine on cold.  The dimensions are 24" L x 18" W x 6" H and it weighs just 1.6 LB so it can be easily taken anywhere your beloved dog might go.


Very nice bed. I was shocked at what I got for my money! My dog gets in and doesn’t want to get out. I love the look of it, rustic, just like I like it. He likes the soft, cush feel of it. Great deal!

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