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SnooZZy Rustic Drawer Bed - Teal

SnooZZy Rustic Drawer Bed - Teal

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Product Description

What would you say if your dog could have the snazziest snooze ever and it would look as good in your house as it did on him?  This Petmate SnooZZy® Rustic Drawer Teal Pet Bed is as house décor friendly as it is dog-friendly. 

The bed is not only a fashion statement, but it is also quite cozy and comfy too.  It is uniquely designed so that it can conveniently slide under or into a dark and secure place so your furry friend can sleep in solitude.  It is perfect for curling up, cuddling up, and for burrowing in. 

It is made from an ultra-luxurious plush top-notch quality fabric and even features a non-skid bottom on it so it doesn’t slide around obnoxiously. The bolster is thoughtfully overstuffed bolster to provide extra support for your dog’s neck, head, and back making the ideal bed for dogs with medical conditions or those that are getting up in years. 

It is machine washable too - just toss it in on the cold cycle.  Get your Stretch’s stretch on!  The dimensions are 24" L x 18" W x 6" H and it weighs in at just 1.6 LB.


I think I would have gotten this bed even if I didn’t have a dog. I love the color and design. It is packed with just enough filling and is easy to care for. Best buy I’ve made in quite some time.  Highly recommend it to pet parents, especially those who love this teal blue!

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