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SnooZZy Rustic Elegance Shearling Round Bed

SnooZZy Rustic Elegance Shearling Round Bed

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Product Description

Get a-round, get a-round, get a round bed!  It just makes sense to get a round bed for dogs who love to curl up when they snooze. 

The Petmate SnooZZy's® Rustic Elegance Shearling Round Bed combines comfort and quality so your furry friend can cuddle and curl until his heart is content and he’s sawing zzz’s in style. 

This innovative and luxurious pet bed features a thoughtful design that gives your pup the maximum support he needs.  Ideal for aging or disabled dogs, this bed sports an overstuffed bolster that lovingly provides additional support for his neck, head, and back. 

He’ll feel safe and secure behind the solace of the high walls as he lays his head on the ultra-soft, rich and plush velour fabric that makes up the sleeping area. He’ll stay snuggly warm in the winter and comfy cool in the summer.  The bottom is no-skid so the bed won’t be obnoxiously scooting to and fro. 

This Petmate SnooZZy pet bed is perfect for small pets like dogs, cats, and any other pint-size critter who might need a nice place to sleep.  It can be tossed in the washing machine on the cold cycle for super easy care so you know the area is germ-free and smelling nice. 

The dimensions are 17" L x 17" W x 4.5" H and it weighs only 1 LB so you can easily take it to wash it, move it from room to room, or take it wherever you take your pet. Get your dog snoozing the Petmate way today!


My little dog has brittle bones.  Plus, she is getting older and slowing down. She used to toss and turn in her old bed and I felt really bad for her. When I washed her bed, the old one, the very first time, it got very lumpy. She’s had it several years and I decided it was enough of lumpy sleep so I got her this one in hopes of her resting better. It is a nice bed and I have washed it twice. It didn’t lump for which I am thrilled and so is she. I am very pleased and highly recommend the product. Much thanks!

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