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Tru-Fit Smart Dog Seat Belt Harness with Seatbelt Tether

Pet Crates Direct

  • $3699

Easiest dog seat belt harness to use. Comfortable for your dog. Protects his trachea in case of extreme pressure from sudden stops. Also great for a walking harness. 

As dog owners our designers know a harness has to be easy to put on or it will not be used. As a result, the Tru Fit Smart Harness is the easiest to use harness available today. It also provides the most comfortable fit, protecting your dog's delicate trachea from pressure. The seat belt loop allows you to use it as a dog seat belt harness, keeping your pet in the back seat where he belongs as well as protecting him from sudden stops or turns.

A great design and heavy-duty materials. Made with high quality automotive materials such as seat belt webbing and a padded chest piece for added comfort and safety. Buckles are high-durability plastic, quick-snap buckles that make it easy to get on and off and are more comfortable for arthritic hands.

Tru Fit Dog Seat belt Harness Features:
  • Dual Purpose: Functions as an auto safety harness or walking harness (includes the seat belt tether for car use)
  • Broad, padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort
  • Protects dogs, drivers and passengers in the car
  • Includes a seat belt loop. Can be safely used with the Kurgo Auto Zip Line or any vehicle seat belt
  • BLACK only

Use it for everyday walks. Use it as a dog car safety device.