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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Wetnoz Cat Saucer

Wetnoz Cat Saucer

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Product Description

Kitty whiskers are adorable and they’re all fun and games until they get between your beloved feline and his food or water.  That’s when the fun ends.  The Wetnoz Cat Saucer has your cat covered though.  Made from dishwasher safe, high gloss melamine, this fabulous bowl has a skid-free bottom and is specifically designed with your long-whiskered cat in mind. 

Measures 5.27" X 3.98" X 1", has a 6 ounce capacity and weighs only 0.16 lbs. for easy handling and care.  Never let your cat’s whiskers stand in the way of his nutrition and hydration needs again.


I was ecstatic to find this solution-oriented bowl even existed and was more than delighted to see the more-than-fair price tag. Let me tell you, this bowl has worked like magic. My cat was as frustrated as I was over his whisker problem.  Now, the problem is solved and it doesn’t skid and slide so that is yet another plus.  Great job, inventor and manufacturer!

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