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Wouapy Essential Raincoat for Small & Medium Dogs

Wouapy Essential Raincoat for Small & Medium Dogs

Product Description

Fine French fashion is essential for our well-dressed, fashion-forward furry ones.  Sprinkle some love in your bff’s heart with this Petmate Wouapy Essential Raincoat for Small and Medium Dogs, it’s the style that makes sense. 

This clothing collection for canines helps to protect them from the elements like rain, cold wind, and snow.  This adorable raincoat fits right onto your pup and can keep the rainy day blues away.  Just think of all the attention the two of you will get and all the smiles taboot. 

This line is made with top-notch, super high quality, durable, comfortable and rugged materials of that consist of either oxford polyester, polyester, or nylon.  It is designed to be a protective outer shell so he can stay perfectly warm and dry. 

The casual, canine chic and terrifically trendy line provides your dog with a unique, tailor-made style all his own.  There is an intricate detail of this warm raincoat that truly creates look and feel that is super special. 

It also gives the freedom of movement he needs so he can enjoy wearing the raincoat.  It also thoughtfully provides easy access to a harness and room to conveniently attach a leash too. 

The raincoat is intended to fully cover the length of his body and this line runs a small, so you might consider going up to a size larger. 

The dimensions are 18.1" X 14.6" X 0.4".  The coat is lightweight for your dog to wear at only 0.4 LB.  Grab the rainbow when you bring home this fine raincoat.

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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. The rain doesn’t stop me from walking my little dog now. I live in an apartment and walking my dog is important, rain or shine. Now we don’t mind the rain at all and actually enjoy it due to this really cute and comfy raincoat for my pup.  It is very nicely woven and top quality.  Good coat and a good purchase.

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