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Zoobilee Stretchies

Zoobilee Stretchies

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Product Description

Double your dog’s pleasure, double his fun!  These Petmate Booda 2 Knot Rope Bone toys make an excellent and fun way to keep your pup from getting bored and into the trash or from chomping on your sofa or shoes.  It is grrreat for use in interactive play or as a super fun solo dog chew too.  

The bones are tastefully made from natural cotton bones, twisted tightly for durability and safety.  They offer fun and a super easy way to take care of your dog’s dental needs.  They floss your dog's teeth and gums and get rid of tartar and plaque so they help prevent dental disease.  When the bone gets dirty or slobbery (and, it will), you can just toss it in the washing machine. 

Choose between two or three-knot designs.  Available in different designs and is made from safe and natural cotton.  The dimensions are 2" x 4" x 9" and it weighs 0.18 lb.


My dog really likes the two knot rope toy. He carries it everywhere...chews it and even sleeps with it. It is made to last and didn’t come apart when washed.

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