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Midwest Guinea Habitat-Cage-Midwest-Pet Crates Direct
Midwest Guinea Habitat-Cage-Midwest-171GH - guinea habitat - 47 L x 24 W x 14 H-Pet Crates Direct
Midwest Guinea Habitat-Cage-Midwest-171GHP - guinea habitat plus-Pet Crates Direct
Midwest Guinea Habitat-Cage-Midwest-171GHPDP - divider panel-Pet Crates Direct
Midwest Guinea Habitat-Cage-Midwest-171GHPTP - top panel-Pet Crates Direct

Midwest Guinea Habitat

Product Description

Midwest designed the "bigger is better" guinea habitat cage to meet the essential need for the appropriate amount of living space -allowing room to exercise, explore and socialize at will.

The more spacious area of this guinea pig home affords the owner a much easier and efficient environment to clean and keep clean than restrictive conventional enclosures. The result is fit, healthy, well adjusted, more entertaining guinea pigs.

The guinea habitat offers 8 square feet of living space with 14" high sides for secure and convenient access. A leak-proof, washable, durable PVC lined canvas bottom provides traction and helps protect sensitive feet.

The lock-in-place doors double as ramps and allow for passage in/out and in-between habitats. Optional divider panel separates play and care areas. Also available are optional PVC ramps covers and a multi-access folding top.

By adding multiple habitats, which link with the use of ramps and additional canvas, owners can create a larger world for their guinea pigs to discover.


  • Lock-in-Place Doors Double as Ramps


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