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Aspen Pet Deluxe Double Orthopedic Bed

Aspen Pet Deluxe Double Orthopedic Bed

Product Description

Comfort is everything.  Be sure your little furry one has a comfy and cozy spot to rest and sleep with this Petmate Aspen Pet's Deluxe Double Orthopedic Dog Bed.  It is great for all pets and especially perfect for those who have medical issues like arthritis, those who are aging and those who have had surgery. 

Thoughtfully stuffed with close to six full inches of medically supportive and comforting cushioning egg crate foam which works synergistically to correctly and evenly distribute your pet's weight on it. 

This Deluxe Double Orthopedic Bed is the ultimate in alleviating pressure that can be uncomfortable and painful on your furry friend’s muscles and joints.  The exterior of this awesome bed is constructed of a stylish classic herringbone jacquard fabric and the luxurious sleep surface is topped with a plus, super-soft top-grade fabric that will assist in keeping your four-legged friend cozy while he sleeps or just chills out. 

The height is low-profile so it provides easy access hat is conducive for older, arthritic, or surgically recovering dogs. The cover can be easily removed so that it can be machine washed and you can rest assured your pet is sleeping in a clean and healthy bed. 

It is available in both burgundy and in brown so it goes right in with any home decorating scheme.  The dimensions are 38" X 28" X 5.75" and it weighs 7.5 lbs.

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This bed was a life saver for my aging dog who had surgery on his leg recently. He is resting comfortably on it and I would be a nervous wreck if he didn’t have it. His other pillow bed was quite lumpy and was worn out.  I highly recommend this bed because of the way it feels, looks and how well-made it is.

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