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Aspen Pet Plush Plaid Orthopedic Dog Bed

Aspen Pet Plush Plaid Orthopedic Dog Bed

Product Description

Your dog deserves to sleep on cloud 9 and now, you can make sure he does.  Your precious pooch will sleep like never before on this innovative and comfortable Aspen Pet's Plush Plaid Orthopedic Dog Bed that gives him the best rest possible.  

It is available in one large size, making this fine bed absolutely perfect for dogs of all sizes, especially the large breed ones, who love stretching out before and during sleep.  

The Aspen Pet Plush Plaid Orthopedic Dog Bed is fluffed full of soft convoluted egg crate foam measuring 5.75 inches. 

The luxurious unique material is ideal because it evenly distributes your pet's full weight and also while alleviates painful pressure on their bones, muscles, and joints.  

The fabric covering is super-soft and quite plush.  It covers plush fabric covers the entire sleep surface so it keeps your beloved pet cozy and warm while lounging and sleeping. 

The height is very convenient as it is low-rise, accommodating pets who have trouble getting in and out like those who have just had surgery, those with arthritis, handicap dogs and aging pups as well. 

The non-skid bottom keeps it safely in place so it won’t scoot and harm your dogs.  It has a convenient removable cover that you can easily take off and machine wash so you are confident your dog’s area, and your home, are super fresh and clean. 

The bed ships in two great plaid color schemes - blue and brown which accent any home décor.  The dimensions are 38" X 28" X 5.75" and it weighs 7.5 lbs.

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I love plaid and that is why I originally got the bed for Spex.  He didn’t like it at first, I must admit. I kept working with him though and once he got in and it conformed to his shape, he wants to be there all the time. He has definitely made stakes on it. It is fluffy and made well and I have washed it once and noticed no unraveling. It is a good bed and was very affordable.

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