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Pet Freestanding Wood/Wire Pet Gate | Pet Crates Direct

Pet Freestanding Wood/Wire Pet Gate

Crown Pet Products

  • $8995

Crown Pet offers the Small/Narrow Span 21-Inch Freestanding Wood/Wire Pet Gate designed to match any decor, while comfortably and safely securing pets. Constructed of Eco-friendly Rubberwood, a durable hardwood, the Chestnut finish is stained and lacquered just like fine furniture to ensure lasting beauty. The durability of Mortise and Tenon construction adds strength to the gate.

Long support legs, (17 inches) on the 21-lnch model are longer than on most other gates therefore resist tipping and improve stability. The freestanding design requires no installation and you can use it in any area of your home, yet easily folds flat for storage or transport to another location. The Crown pet gate has a sliding ""adjustable-width"" feature that makes it easily expandable to the width of your choice without using awkward hardware or tools! Decorative yet functional, Crown Pet Gates are stronger and more stable than most gates on the market.

At 21"" high, this gate is easy to step over yet securely confines small and medium sized pets. The Small/Narrow span fits openings from 27"" to 48.7"" wide.

At 29.4” high, the Tall Pet Gate with Security Arms securely confines small, medium and some larger sized pets and is available in Wood & Wire construction. The security arms rest against the restricted opening making it very difficult for the pet to dislodge or push aside the gate, particularly good for use on smooth surfaces. Another feature of the Tall Pet Gate is the rubber pads on the wood security arms that prevent marking walls. The Small Span extends from 27.6” to 50” Wide. The support legs are 24.4” long and resist tipping and improve stability. They have rubber pads on the bottom to protect the floor and resist skidding. The gate has a sliding “adjustable-width” feature that makes it easily expandable to the width of your choice without using awkward hardware. The freestanding design means that no installation is necessary.




  • Made from durable, Eco-Friendly Rubberwood with a beautiful stained and lacquered finish
  • Freestanding design allows for easy placement anywhere in the home with no installation
  • Long support legs resist tipping and improve stability while rubber feet protect floor surfaces & minimize skidding
  • Handcrafted of Mortis and Tenon construction for added durability
  • 7 gage, (0.144” diameter) wire is coated with a Black Powder coating for protection and durability, 1.1” space between wire slats
  • Security Arms resist tipping and make gate difficult to dislodge from restricted opening