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Deluxe Parrot Cage with Playtop


  • $38999

This large cage gives birds plenty of space to stretch their wings. It features a roomy dome top design and an outside play area. The unique 2-in-1 front door opens down as a landing-style door or swings out for full access to the entire cage. The entire front door is 10"w x 26 3/4"h, with the drop-down door measuring 12"h. The triple toy hook design provides lots of space for hanging multiple toys or treats.

The pull-out bottom grille and tray, along with the rounded corner seed guard, help contain mess and make cleaning quick and easy. It comes with double cups both inside and outside the cage provide plenty of room for storing food, water and treats. Also, there is a slide-out door between the cage and playtop area that lets birds move easily from one area to the other.

Deluxe Parrot Cage Features:
  • Unique 2 in 1 front door opens down as a landing or swings out for easy access to the cage interior
  • Hard, baked enamel finish (powder coated). Black Hammertone finish.
  • Rounded corner seed guards.
  • 4 large stainless steel non-tip feeding bowls
  • 1-1/8" diam. hardwood perches
  • Large, heavy-duty bottom tray and pull-out bottom grille
  • Slip-in Mesh panel construction for ease of assembly and replacement.
  • Constructed from 8 gauge and 9 gauge diam. wire and utilizes a flathead hex bolt assembly that birds cannot unscrew.
  • Easy-roll casters

Exterior dimensions: 36.5" x 27" x 63.5"
7/8" wire spacing (measured from center wire to center wire).

Color: Black Hammertone