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Impact Show Stack Bundle


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We are proud to partner with Impact Dog Crates. Click here* or on their logo below to learn more about this product from Impact Dog Crates. Impact has very accessible and affordable financing options. Be sure to check out their Accessories* as well! If you use the Promo Code PETCRADIR10 you can get 10% off! *Please note that we do get a small commission for any referrals to Impact. 
Impact Dog Crates


Impact Show Stack Bundle Colors

Impact Dog Crates - Stationary Dog Crate 

Say hello to your new favorite way to store and transport your dog. Longer lasting than plastic models, each stationary crate is made from American made high quality aluminum with a powder coated finish, meaning it’s both durable, lightweight and will help reflect heat away from your dog. The Impact Show Stack Bundles wraps everything into one! You get two stationary crates either 100 or 200, the wheel cart and the grooming rail all in a nice bundle shipped straight to your door. 100 and 200 crates ship assembled.

The Impact Show Stack Bundle includes: (2) Stationary Crates, (1) Wheel Cart, (1) Grooming Rail, Arm, and Pad, (2) FREE Vinyl Pad

NOTE: Ventilation rows vary depending on crate size. 

NOTE: Color may vary when received.

NOTE: Free vinyl pads will have a color at random.

Need help with finding the right dog crate size for your pet? See our Dog Crate Size Breed Chart.