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Midwest Replacement Pans for Dog Crates

Please view the table below for a list of crate model numbers applicable to each Midwest Replacement Pan. Each model has a link to the right pan for your crate model. Be sure your crate model is listed before ordering the particular accessory of interest. We cannot stress enough the importance of ordering replacement pans based upon your brand of crate as they are not interchangeable between brands. If you are looking for Precision Replacement Pans please click here. If your brand is not listed please click here.

We are happy to supply these products through our  Associate Amazon.

 Below is a table designed to assist you in determining the appropriate pan for your needs. This chart is designed to help you determine the right pan size for your Midwest crate. In the first column you will find the crate SKU or Item number. In the second column you will find the model of Midwest crate. Finally, once you have determined your crate model, the third column will reveal the correct pan for your particular crate. 

1518 iCrate 18" 25PAN
1522 iCrate 22" 22PAN
1524 iCrate 24" 26PAN
1530 iCrate 30" 27PAN
1536 iCrate 36" 28PAN
1542 iCrate 42" 9PAN
1548 iCrate 48" 10PAN
1518DD iCrate Double Door 18" 25PAN
1522DD iCrate Double Door 22" 22PAN
1524DD iCrate Double Door 24" 26PAN
1530DD iCrate Double Door 30" 27PAN
1536DD iCrate Double Door 36" 28PAN
1542DD iCrate Double Door 42" 9PAN
1548DD iCrate Double Door 48" 10PAN
1622 Life Stages 22" 22PAN
1624 Life Stages 24" 6PAN
1630 Life Stages 30" 7PAN
1636 Life Stages 36" 8PAN
1642 Life Stages 42" 9PAN
1648 Life Stages 48" 10PAN
1622DD Life Stages Double Door 22" 22PAN
1624DD Life Stages Double Door 24" 6PAN
1630DD Life Stages Double Door 30" 7PAN
1636DD Life Stages Double Door 36" 8PAN
1642DD Life Stages Double Door 42" 9PAN
1648DD Life Stages Double Door 48" 10PAN
418 Life Stages A.C.E. 18" 25PAN
422 Life Stages A.C.E. 22" 22PAN
424 Life Stages A.C.E. 24" 26PAN
430 Life Stages A.C.E. 30" 27PAN
436 Life Stages A.C.E. 36" 28PAN
442 Life Stages A.C.E. 42" 9PAN
448 Life Stages A.C.E. 48" 10PAN
418DD Life Stages A.C.E. Double Door 18" 25PAN
422DD Life Stages A.C.E. Double Door 22" 22PAN
424DD Life Stages A.C.E. Double Door 24" 26PAN
430DD Life Stages A.C.E. Double Door 30" 27PAN
436DD Life Stages A.C.E. Double Door 36" 28PAN
442DD Life Stages A.C.E. Double Door 42" 9PAN
448DD Life Stages A.C.E. Double Door 48" 10PAN
1924 Ovation Single 24" 26PAN
1930 Ovation Single 30" 27PAN
1936 Ovation Single 36" 28PAN
1942 Ovation Single 42" 9PAN
1948 Ovation Single 48" 10PAN
1924DD Ovation Double Door Trainer 24" 26PAN
1930DD Ovation Double Door Trainer 30" 27PAN
1936DD Ovation Double Door Trainer 36" 28PAN
1942DD Ovation Double Door Trainer 42" 9PAN
1948DD Ovation Double Door Trainer 48" 10PAN
1324TD Select Triple Door 24" 26PAN
1330TD Select Triple Door 30" 27PAN
1336TD Select Triple Door 36" 28PAN
1342TD Select Triple Door 42" 9PAN
1348TD Select Triple Door 48" 10PAN
SL35ST Solutions Series Stackable  28PAN
SL36SUV Solutions Series Side-by-Side 36" 23PAN
SL42SUV Solutions Series Side-by-Side 42" 24PAN
SL54DD Solutions Series Double Door 54" 1154NPAN
1154U Starter Series 54" 1154UPAN
724UP Ultima Pro Triple Door 24" 6PAN
730UP Ultima Pro Triple Door 30" 7PAN
736UP Ultima Pro Triple Door 36" 8PAN
742UP Ultima Pro Triple Door 42" 9PAN
748UP Ultima Pro Triple Door 48" 10PAN

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