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Big Shrimpy Nest Pet Bed

Big Shrimpy

  • $11499

Designed to Last Forever

What if you never had to throw away another dog bed? Meet Big Shrimpy's Nest, the dog bed that is built to last. We back that up with a 3-year limited warranty. The durable outer cover has a 420 denier packcloth base and a comfortable faux suede sleeping surface. The inner liner is a ripstop nylon that is odor and liquid resistant. Machine washable and dryable, and with component parts available separately, this should be the last dog bed you'll ever need to buy.

Washes Like New, Again and Again

So whaddaya do if your dog pukes on his Nest pet bed? Just wash it, all of it! All parts of this dog bed are machine washable and dryable. A zippered cover and inner liner make it easy to take apart to wash all components separately. Even the SmartFill, our recycled filling, can be removed for easy washing and drying! Washing and drying instructions

The Smart Stuff Inside

Big Shrimpy pet beds are filled with our very own SmartFill, a polyester fiber made from recycled plastics.

Stay Fresh

As much as you love your dog, we know you don't love to smell your dog's bed. Here's a solution: our inner liner made of ripstop nylon resists doggie odors from permeating the filling of our dog beds. Does your dog have an itty-bitty incontinence issue? The ripstop liner fabric of the Big Shrimpy Nest pet bed is water resistant, too.

Recyclable, Not Just Recycled

We've given you a bunch of reasons that your Big Shrimpy Nest dog bed may last forever. But if you ever want to part with it, don't throw it out! Send it in! We'll recycle the fabrics and SmartFill back into a reusable fiber through our Full Circle® program. Recycling instructions

You Don't Need To Take Our Word For It

"I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how utterly impressed I am with your Nest dog beds…I was blown away by the substance, construction, density and overall quality of the beds. I love the idea that they are made from recycled materials and totally washable, too…"

- Jennie A. Denver, CO


  • Small:       28L x 26W x 5H
  • Medium:   34L x 33W x 5H
  • Large:      43L x 39W x 5H