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Precision Pet 2 Door Great Crate

Precision Pet 2 Door Great Crate

Product Description

As pet parents, sometimes it’s difficult for us to leave our precious pups in a kennel, especially if they are protesting.  The Precision Pet's 2 Door Great Crate helps ease the transition, for both us and our furry friend. 

It is the perfect, durable and heavy-duty wire crate, specially created to keep your dog safe and to provide him with comfort as well.  The closely spaced wire sides are rounded so he won’t get poked or get out. 

The Great Crate puts into action the innovative technology of the patented 5-Point Locking mechanism which guarantees he won’t get out and get hurt as it secures the door at five locations. 

This Great Crate is super simple to clean with a polypropylene plastic pan inside so you can rest assured your pup is in a cleanly environment.  The divider panel allows puppy parents to adjust the size of the crate to accommodate puppy growth. 

This crate is ideal for travel, kennel training, or any other time a kennel is in order.  It conveniently folds and is very easy to handle when storing or traveling.  The dimensions are 19" L x 12" W x 15" H and it weighs only 10 LB. 

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I got this for times I am outside working in the yard and am not able to watch my dog as we have no fence. At first he cried because he wanted out but that was not an option.  His only other alternative was being inside and he cried even louder then. He got used to it right away though and now he can be outside with me but safe. I grow a huge vegetable garden so I spend a lot of time outdoors and now, he can too. Note is that this kennel is very well constructed and is very secure. The first few days, he tried everything to get out and could not.  That eased my mind.  It isn’t an eye-sore like many I have seen or flimsy like one I had in the past.  Great product, actually.

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