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Precision Pet 3 Door Great Crate

Precision Pet 3 Door Great Crate

Product Description

There are times that pet parents simply must keep their beloved fur friends safe and secure in a kennel.  Why not make sure your dog is not only safe and sound but cozy and comfy too?  A happy dog is a happy pet parent. 

Now, with this innovative Precision Pet 3 Door Great Crate, you can utilize a kennel for your needs but provide for his wants and desires too.  It is ideal for crate house training your pet or for housing him while you are away.  It is super spacious and has ample room to accommodate a puppy’s growth spurts.

Three handy doors are featured for ease of access.  An innovative, super sturdy and secure patented 5-Point Door Lock System ensure there are no gaps in the middle, top, or sides of the door which increases the safety and the strength of the crate. 

There is a patented Quiet Link System as well that eliminates any chance of crate rattling while it is being used. This design features heavy gauge wire construction that is extremely strong and a stylish designer Hammertone finish which adds to the aesthetics and increases the life of the crate too. 

This purchase will include a replaceable polypropylene pan and an awesome divider panel so you can adjust the size of the crate when switching between pets or as your pet grows.  The dimensions are 24" L x 18" W x 20" H and it weighs 18.4 LB.

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Nice kennel. Very strong and sturdy which is exactly what I needed. I don’t like crating but, I must so this crate is the best one on the market for the price, in my opinion. The size is perfect, it is secure, and it is comfortable looking too. I was happy to get the bonus replacement pan and the divider for no extra charge. My dog seems very content in his new crate. In fact, he seems to be quite secure in it.

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