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Precision Pet Extreme Country Lodge

Precision Pet Extreme Country Lodge

Product Description

Make sure your dog lives in the lap of luxury, even if he is being housed outdoors.  Now, you can give him his very own shelter to call home.  This fine Petmate Precision Pet Extreme Country Lodge is available in three great sizes so all dogs can be accommodated in style. 

It’s the perfect outdoor shelter for your dog.  It’s top-notch constructed with solid wood.  The panels are stained cedar, built to last and lovely to behold as well.  It thoughtfully includes an asphalt roof with a "peak" design that is rain and snow resistant. 

It features a raised floor so you never have to worry about your pooch getting soggy and it keeps the house airy too.  If the terrain in your yard is rough, Petmate has that covered too.  It has adjustable feet and waterproof protectors on the legs so it stays balanced at all times. 

The innovative design keeps the house protected from the elements of the climate but also protected from dust and debris.  It is super simple to assemble with only a screwdriver (which is not included).  All of the hardware you’ll need comes with your purchase.  It assembles in just four easy steps. 

The dimensions are 28" X 30" X 30" and it weighs 28.6 LB.  You’ll feel great when you give your dog this fashion-forward home sweet home and he’ll love it too.

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At first I was confused about the assembly. When I got the hang of it though, it was easy to put up. It does look nice in the yard and I get a lot of compliments on it. I believe my dog likes it too. She would never even go in one before this one.  It looks very sturdy and I think it will hold up well when the rain and snow come though it has been summertime so far. The ventilation is nice for the summer, I can tell you that much.

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