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Prevue Rabbit Hutches-Cage-Prevue-Pet Crates Direct
Prevue Rabbit Hutches-Cage-Prevue-Small-Pet Crates Direct
Prevue Rabbit Hutches-Cage-Prevue-Large-Pet Crates Direct
Prevue Rabbit Hutches-Cage-Prevue-Pet Crates Direct

Prevue Rabbit Hutches

These rabbit hutches are crafted from a fine, weather-resistant variety of fir tree lumber and are coated with a protective, non-toxic stain. The water resistant top is made of asphalt shingles and is designed to protect your pet from inclement weather. Easy access to your pet. Easy to clean and secure against wind and predators. 

Provide your rabbit with a safe, secure hutch that they will be glad to call home. Our rabbit hutches have an open floor plan that connects to an adjoining, private nesting box area. The rabbit hutch is elevated from the ground and includes a fold-down ramp so that your rabbit can easily hop up to their home. The bottom legs have rubber feet to prevent splintering if used outside, or scuffing your floors if used inside.

Prevue Rabbit Hutches Features at a Glance:
  • Lid opens and features locking lid hinge for hands-free access to your pet and cleaning
  • Front cage door allows access to main living space.
  • Entry ramp that folds down to allow your pets to come and go as they please
  • Removable interior walls for easier cleaning and a roomier living space
  • Removable bottom grille makes cleaning easy.
  • Removable bottom drawer. When the bottom grille is in place, the bottom drawer can be removed for easy cleaning - without having to remove your pet.
  • The door is offset to one side so that a rabbit-sized water bottle can be easily placed on the other side (water bottle not included).
Security features:
  • Lid latch keeps the hutch closed and pets safe from wild animals and gusts of wind
  • Cage door has double door locks for extra security
  • Entry ramp has an all-steel slide lock system

Two sizes are available. Although most people think of these as outdoor rabbit hutches, there is no reason that they cannot be used indoors, in the garage, on the deck, or in the basement. They weigh between 40 and 50 lbs, so they can be moved for winter or summer season.

Assembled Dimensions:
Small: 36"L × 24"W × 35-1/2"H
Large: 46-1/2"L × 24"W × 36-1/4"H

Interior Living Space Dimensions:
Small: 31-1/2"L × 20"W × 20"H
Large: 42-1/2"L × 20"W × 20"H


My son got a rabbit.  We made a little cage for him.  But he turned out to be a her and bunnies soon came.  This hutch has been a lifesaver and it is teaching him responsibility so I guess we’re in the rabbit care business for the long haul, lol.  If you have rabbits, this hutch is pretty awesome.

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