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Ruffmaxx Kennel For Dogs or Cats

Ruffmaxx Kennel For Dogs or Cats

Product Description

If your dog or cat needs a portable kennel but isn’t a fan of being cooped up, this Petmate Ruffmaxx Kennel for Dogs or Cats has him covered.  It has a 360-degree view and ventilation area so he won’t get claustrophobic. 

He’ll have ample fresh air and security too. This kennel is perfect for traveling or for at home and can be used indoors or out. 

The top of the base is off-white and the actual base is green.  The shell is constructed of a super durable plastic and comes with easy-to-assemble wing nut and bolt hardware that are heavy duty for safety.  

The metal door features a squeeze latch plus door-pull barriers for both safety and to add strength. The Petmate Ruffmaxx Kennel comes in sizes -19", 24" and 26" have two built-in compartment covers so you can conveniently store grooming supplies, treats, toys, and everything else your dog or cat may need or want during the trip. 

The kennel is made using top-quality plastic so you can rest assured he is safe.  The kennels are available in two designs, the camouflage-colored top and black base or off-white colored top and green base.

The kennels meet all or most air travel requirements but be sure to check to be on the safe side before you go. The plastic used in this dynamic kennel is proudly made in the USA while the handle and other components are imported.

The dimensions are 40" L x 27" W x 30" H, it weighs 31 LB, and houses pets 70-90 LBS. This fine product comes with an automatic one-year limited warranty.

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I used this kennel on one of the major airlines and it was easily accepted for my dog to travel in. My dog is not fond of kennels and is practically never in one but she did awesomely. I believe the 360 degree ventilation helped an untold amount. The kennel is very sturdy, by the way.

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