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Sherpa-on-Wheels Pet Carrier-Crate-Sherpa-Pet Crates Direct

Sherpa-on-Wheels Pet Carrier

Need help with finding the right size? See our Dog Crate Size Breed Chart.

Product Description

The Sherpa Rolling Pet Carrier takes the weight off your shoulders. It utilizes easy-glide recessed wheels for a smooth, quiet, and steady motion. It comes with a detachable handle with a padded grip for extra comfort which can also be used as a shoulder strap.

Carry it or pull it. It's great either way.

Sherpa Pet Carrier on Wheels Features:

  • Stylish light-weight design
  • Fashioned from black quilted nylon
  • New travel bed tray slides in and out and includes a soft, cozy, washable faux lambskin liner
  • Mesh panels and roll-up flaps on three sides for ventilation and privacy
  • Two entrances - front opening and U-shaped top zipper
  • Brass hardware
  • Inside leash ring
  • Extra large rear zippered pocket for all essentials
  • Photo ID tag
  • Fits comfortably under cabin seat. Approved on most major airlines.
  • Washable faux lambskin liner in "travel tray" (bed in a bag)


Large: 20 x 11.75 x 11.5"H: pets up to 22 Lbs.: Actual weight is 11.6 Lbs

Sherpas have wire frame-supported end panels, but they are flexible enough to accommodate spaces slightly lower than their height.


The Sherpa pet carrier on wheels has to be the most convenient way to travel with your dog. The wheels enable you to pull the crate alongside you as you go about your activities and this is perfect where your dog weighs a lot and it is hard for you to carry it.

If you wish to carry the crate as opposed to dragging it along, the crate has a handle that you can use for this purpose and the handle also doubles up as a shoulder strap for extra convenience.


For ventilation purposes, the Sherpa pet carrier on wheels is sided with mesh panels that can be rolled up and down depending on your needs. The ability of the mesh panels to roll down means that you can lower them to a certain extent which allows your dog to have adequate air while giving it privacy at the same time.

If it is hot, you can roll up the panels on all the sides to allow more air in. Having panels on the sides does away with the need to use other materials on the vents when it gets cold and you want to protect your dog.

This dog crate also has two entrances. You can get your dog inside by using the front door or by using the top entrance that is closed using a zipper.

Smooth Motion

The wheels use an easy glide motion that allows the crate to move along with ease. The crate rolls on the ground in a flat manner with not tilting at all which allows your dog to travel comfortably. The ride is so comfortable that your dog can take a nap as you drag it along.


If you wish to carry the crate by hand, you can easily do this because there is a provision for a handle that can also be used as a shoulder strap. The crate is made out of nylon which is light in weight and this makes it easy for you to carry the crate.

Air Travel

The sherpa pet carrier on wheels can easily fit under a cabin seat and these crates have been approved for use in most airlines. Their adequate ventilation contributes greatly to their approval by airlines.


This dog crate comes with a very large rear pocket which you can use to keep things that you will need during the course of your travel such as dog treats. You can also use this pocket to store your things as opposed to having to carry another bag.


The sherpa pet carrier on wheels is available in the sizes medium and large which a lot of dogs can fit into quite easily and the dog crate comes in the color black which is easy to work with.

If you love fashion, this crate will do it for you. It has a quilted texture finish that is bound to make a fashion statement.

The sherpa pet carrier on wheels has been designed in a manner that makes it great for all sorts of uses that range from housebreaking to air travel and it will make life easier for both you and your dog.

Need help with finding the right size? See our Dog Crate Size Breed Chart.

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