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Versa Vehicle Seat Cover

Big Shrimpy

  • $8399

Versatility + Utility

You love your dog, and you like your clean car, too. What to do? The Versa™ Seat Cover saves the day…and your car. Soft fleece bonded to water-resistant polyester make the Versa comfortable, while keeping water, mud, and treat crumbs from the back seat of your car. A versatile attachment system makes the Versa easy to secure to your car’s bench seat or anywhere else you find it useful. Slots allow seat belts to be used so backseat passengers, dog or human, stay safe. We back up the Versa’s sturdy construction with a 1-year limited warranty.

Washes Like New, Again and Again

When you’re home from your journey, just machine wash and dry the Versa, and it’s ready for your next adventure. Washing and drying instructions

Stay Dry

Thanks to the water-resistant polyester, this seat cover will protect your car from wet fur, muddy paws, treat get the idea.


Once you've used this car seat cover until it’s all worn out, don’t throw it out! Send it in! We will recycle it back into reusable fiber through our Full Circle® program. Recycling instructions.

Color and Size

  • gray & black
  • The Versa Seat Cover measures 57 x 58 inches and is made with slate grey fleece bonded to black polyester.