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7 Popular Dog Breeds You Should Definitely Know About

Beagles Boxers English Springer Spaniel German Shepherd Golden Retriever Labrador Retrievers Pug

The most popular dog breeds

When it comes to dogs, there are a ton of types and breeds to choose from. They all have different looks and personalities and some are better at some things than others. For example, guide dogs are usually made up of retrievers whereas you’re more likely to see a pug on social media doing something funny. They are all very different and some people have specific preferences over which dog breed they prefer most. Although there are preferences, there are a select few breeds that are loved by the nation and you are bound to know a few friends that all have similar dogs.

There are a number of popular dog breeds worldwide and they are popular because of their cute look and unique personalities. There are a number of ways that you can find out which dog breeds are the most popular around the world and one of them is not by asking. There are a number of surveys that go around and document how many dogs were born in a certain timeframe. From this, we can identify which dog is bred the most and sold.

There are a number of differences between popular dogs when it comes to the different countries but Western countries tend to share similarities. In this article today, we will be going over the most popular dog breeds in the US. If you’re curious to know whether or not you have a popular dog breed, continue to read this article.


The Boxer is a loving breed that is one of the Nations favorites. They have an energetic personality and have been used for many different activities throughout the years. Boxers are known for their muscular build and quick movements. They are also very good with children. In the 19th century, the Boxer was used for hunting and in the war they were used as loyal messengers. They are gentle and loving and it is for this reason why they are one of the nations preferred breeds.  

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of my personal favorite breeds because of its intelligence and energy. They can be easily recognized by their short coat and size. They come in a range of colors, including black, gold and chocolate and are known for their family-orientated nature. They are currently one of the more “in-demand” breeds on this list and that is they are a joy to be around. This breed is also good with children and can learn a range of tricks that will impress your friends and family. This breed is also currently the most popular in the UK.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the dogs that everyone will recognize. They are commonly seen in the Police Force for their loyal and fearless acts top criminals and save police officers. They are a more recent breed that has Germanic roots. They were first bred near the end of the 19th century and have been a favorite around the world ever since. They are incredibly nice to stoke and are very energetic. They got really popular when they started featuring in films and with one German Shepherd getting 20 movies, the breed became very popular.   

Golden Retriever

Very similar to the Labrador, the Golden Retriever is known for its thicker coat and larger build. The Golden Retriever was originally bred for hunting in Scotland around the 1800s and was bred using the genes from a yellow retriever, spaniel, Irish setter, and bloodhound. The dog is well-known for being a family-orientated dog despite having a hunting background and they are sometimes used by rescues services for their strength and loyalty. They are also used as sniffer dogs and absolutely love to go for a swim.


Everybody has heard of the famous pug. If you have Facebook and enjoy to look through all the daily memes, you would have seen a video of a pug at some point in your search. They are cute, small and adorable. Not to mention that some have Instagram accounts with thousands (if not millions) of followers. They are not the smartest of dogs but they make up for it by being funny and a little silly. They have a distinctive look that you cannot miss. They are small, squidgy and have little curly tails.

Springer Spaniel

If you have ever seen a Springer Spaniel, you will now that they are energetic dogs that love to sprint around the park for hours without getting tired. They are originally gun dogs and were used for hunting in the UK. However, they can now be found in family homes all over the US and are loving and playful. Springer Spaniels are also very intelligent and they are well-known for learning a number of advanced tricks. It is for this reason why they also make an excellent addition to the family home.


The Beagle is a popular breed in the US, more so than it is in the UK. The Beagle is easily recognizable with its floppy ears and smaller size. Despite being a smaller dog, the Beagle was once used in hunts and they are commonly associated with the little trumpet playing in the background when the hunt begins. They are also well-known as they have been featured in a number of movies, as they are intelligent and can learn a number of tricks. They are cute and curious dogs and they are one of the more popular breeds known in the US.

Summing it all up

There is a range of dog breeds in the world but some are more preferable than others. Above you will find some of the most popular dogs in the US and they all share the same lovable and kind-hearted nature that is perfect for family life. In general, the most popular dogs are also some of the more intelligent ones, as it can be fun to teach a dog a few tricks if you know how to do it. Although current stats only count the newly born breeds and not the existing ones, I think we can agree that the dogs on this list are some of the most loved dogs around the States.

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