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Poodles - Fun Facts and Crate Size

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Quick Facts: 

  • AKC recognized in 1887
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Size: Medium
  • Energy: Medium
  • Recommended Poodle Crates: 42" dog crate*

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The poodle has its origin in Germany where it is known as the Pudlehund. This breed has been quite popular in France since the 1500s.

So much so that the country made the dog their national breed. The poodle was common among countries around Europe before it was introduced to England and it was recognized by the AKC by 1887.

Albrecht Durer drew some famous paintings of poodles that made the breed increase in popularity in 16th centuries. Before this, the poodle was featured on ancient Roman and Greek coins!

Today, the poodle has three major sizes of breed including toy, miniature, and standard. The of which is the standard poodle.

The poodle is quite intelligent and is considered hypoallergenic with little shedding and odors.

This is despite its athletic abilities that make it suitable for many tasks including tracking, hunting, herding, and water-retrieving.

The dog has been included as the star of many dog shows around the world.


The standard poodle is commonly used in hunting events. People bring this dog to hunt either bird or duck.

This breed is also useful for hunting fowl in Canada and the United States. The miniature poodle is known for its abilities around water.

The dog is also useful when it comes to Truffle hunting in England and other European countries.


The poodle is quite skillful and active, not to mention it’s elegant frame and intelligence. The dog is well proportioned and built.

The head is rounded. Both the shoulders and neck are sturdy. The chest is wide and strong too. When it comes to the tail, the poodle has a straight and carried up the tail.

The poodle has oval and small feet. The nails are quite short and the toes are cushioned on sturdy pads.

The poodle has a curly and almost harsh coat. The hind legs are parallel and straight when seen from behind. They are both wide and muscular.


To ensure a long and healthy life, Poodle owners should feed their pets depending on dog size and activity levels. The poodle, as with all breeds, requires a formula that satisfies their digestive needs.

Any commercial dog food should include a different amount of formula for the distinct size of dog.

As such owners are encouraged to visit a veterinarian in order to decide the frequency and quantity of the food. It is also important to make sure fresh water is available at all times.


The poodle requires grooming with a brush at least on a weekly basis, but they benefit from daily attention.

It also needs the occasional bath to keep them clean and healthy. Grooming is the perfect opportunity for owners to get bonded with their poodle.

It is important to trim their nails as they can grow fast. Checking the poodle’s ears is also imperative. Gathering debris and wax, if neglected, can lead to infections.


The dog is active in nature. Poodles are quite skillful and able to be taught tricks. Hunting and tracking are natural activities, but they love being active with their owners be it walking and running. Overall, they need exercise on a daily basis.

Pet Crate Size

Pet Crates Direct recommends 42" dog crates* for standard Poodles.

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