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Airline Approved Dog Crates

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Airline Approved Dog Crates


If you are thinking of traveling with your dog by air, you will need to get an airline approved dog crate. There are many manufacturers out there who make dog crates that are International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant but some of the dog crates may not live up to the standards that they claim to have.

There are risks associated with air travel such as air bumps and you will want to get a crate that can hold its own under such circumstances. We will take you through how to choose the best airline approved dog crates and why the airline approved dog crates in our collection are the best for your traveling needs.

What are the IATA Standards for airline approved dog crates?

For a dog crate to be approved for use in air travel, it must be compliant with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). These rules are widely followed across different airlines. However, some airlines may go a step further in what is to be expected of a dog crate so you should check with the airline you wish to use before purchasing a dog crate.

If your dog flies as cargo or checked baggage, it will be kept in a pressurized and temperature controlled compartment which lies under the cabin. Most large aircraft have provisions made for animals traveling as cargo. However, some airlines may not have such provisions so it is important that you check on this as you decide on a dog crate.

PetMate dog crates are widely accepted for use in air travel as they are IATA compliant and are some of the safest dog crates in the market. Check out the features to look for when getting a dog crate for air travel.


When getting a dog crate, it is important that you first measure your dog’s length, width, height, and weight. The crate that you get your dog must be big enough to allow your dog to stand at its full height without hitting the roof. Your dog should also be in a position to turn while in the crate without getting hit and it should also be able to stretch out fully without getting squeezed.

For snub-nosed dogs, you will require to get them a crate that is one size larger than the usual if they will be flying in cargo. These requirements make it possible for your dog to be comfortable during the flight as it can stretch to avoid the complications of sore muscles. The crate that you get must not be too big as this can encourage your dog to relieve itself in the crate.


You should take the material used to make the crate into consideration. The crate should be made of materials such as fiberglass, metal, weld metal mesh, rigid plastics, plywood or solid wood.

However, you should take into consideration that some airlines such as KLM do not accept dog crates made of wood. The importance of using such materials in a dog crate is that they are very sturdy and can be able to withstand collisions while preventing harm from coming to your dog.


Your dog will probably make a mess while in the crate during the flight. As such, the IATA standards stipulate that the dog crate you use be solid and leak proof. In this way, any messes made by your dog will not find their way to the floor of the cabin, thus keeping the plane clean.


To fasten your dog crate to the cabin, handles will be needed. Be sure to get a dog crate that has provisions for handles on its long side. This makes it easy for the people handling the dog crates to load them onto the plane and it enables them to securely fasten the crate onto the cabin in a manner that the crate will not move about during the flight.


The door used in the crate must be secure and spring loaded. It should have an all-around locking system which has pins that extend to a length of at least one point six centimeters horizontally above and below the door.

Airlines may also insist that the door is further secured through the use of cable ties used in every corner. In addition to the locking mechanisms, the door must be constructed of a sturdy material such as heavy plastic, cast metal or welded metal. This is to ensure that your dog cannot bend the material and get out.

The door should also be paw proof and nose proof to protect your dog from injury if it tries to escape. The importance of having a secure door is that it will prevent your dog from wandering about when the plane is in the air which can be very dangerous if a collision were to occur. The IATA recommends the use of metal for the construction of the door.


The design used in the construction of the door should be sturdy and the crate should not be collapsible. The roof should be solid in nature to prevent it from caving in while your dog is inside.

You can get a crate that has ventilation on the roof as long as the ventilation does not compromise the strength of the roof. The IATA does not recommend the use of crates that have doors at the top.


Airlines are now asking that dog crates be fastened through the use of steel crate hardware as opposed to plastic fasteners. Though this is not an IATA requirement, you should take it into consideration as you buy a crate as you may find yourself in a position where it is required of you. Plastic clips are also frowned upon and many airlines prefer the use of cable ties in fastening the corners.


The food and water bowls should be attached to the inside of the accessible door and they should be refillable from the outside. This does away with the need to open the door when the handlers wish to feed your dog and this promotes security. The cable ties will be used to attach a funnel from the outside to the food bowls in the crate.


Depending on the type of flight that you wish to board, the amount of ventilation required will vary. Domestic flights require that you have a dog crate that has ventilation on a minimum of two sides whereas on international flights, you will be required to bring a dog crate that has ventilation on a minimum of four sides.

If you plan to board both domestic and international flights, you can get a dog crate with ventilation on at least four sides as this will save you the hassle of having to get two dog crates for air travel.

The openings used for ventilation must take up at least sixteen percent of the total surface area of the dog crate. The openings must not be blocked in any manner whatsoever. Having adequate ventilation prevents the crate from getting overheated and causing discomfort to your dog.


It is required that you put LIVE ANIMAL stickers at the top as well as the sides of your dog crate. In addition to this, you will be required to put directional stickers on the crate. A shipper’s declaration is also required as it is what the handlers will use to tell when your dog was last watered and fed, ensuring that it is well taken care of during the flight.


It is recommended that you use a dog crate that does not have wheels to prevent the crate from moving during the flight and causing an accident. If your dog crate has wheels, ensure that they are either removed before the flight or have them taped in a secure manner to prevent the crate from rolling.


The crate must have your pet’s name as well as your contact information. You can do this by attaching that information to the crate by the use of duct tape or some other form of strong tape.

Forklift Spacers

If you are traveling with a dog that weighs more than sixty kilograms, you will be required to provide forklift spacers.

Other than the stated requirements of the IATA, airlines may have extra recommendations as follows: attachment of a leash and collar on the outside of the crate, inclusion of a pet pad or shredded newspaper in the crate, inclusion of a piece of clothing with your scent in the crate, having your dog’s original health certificate and not using hard toys in the crate.

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Guide to Buying the Best Airline Approved Dog Crate

When buying a dog crate for air travel purposes, you will need to check if the crate is IATA compliant. Having done that, you will need to go a step further in checking with the airline that you wish to use and find out their requirements. In our collection, you will find that our dog crates can be used in many airlines at ease.

When to use Aluminum Dog Crates that are Airline Approved

Different dogs have different temperaments and where it may be possible for one dog to travel in a soft dog crate without biting its way out, some dogs are more destructive and they require to be crated in more sturdy crates.

We have both Impact and Zinger dog crates in our collection which has been designed to hold even the most aggressive of dogs securely while preventing them from coming to harm should a collision occur.

Impact Airline Approved Dog Crates

Air travel comes encumbered with the risk of collisions during the flight and as such if your dog is flying in the cabin where you have little control over its safety, this crate will come in handy.

Made of aluminum, this crate has the ability to withstand pressure from the outside without caving in and hurting your dog. Constructed in a manner that makes this crate IATA compliant, you will not run the risk of being turned away at the airport.

It meets the stipulated standards and goes a bit further to include some additional features to make traveling comfortable to your dog. Take a look at what you stand to gain from using this crate.


According to IATA standards, you will be required to use a solid crate that does not allow leaking of messes to the cabin. This crate has a solid base that does not allow leakage. Once the flight is over, you can easily clean the base of the crate and it has drain holes which allow the crate to dry at a fast rate.

Aluminum is a very easy material to clean and not only that, but it also does not retain odors emitted from your dog unlike other materials such as wood. This makes it great for use time and time again.


Aluminum is a very light material as it weighs a third of what steel weighs. Given this light nature, it is quite easy for handlers to load your dog onto the plane.

However, the light nature of aluminum should not make you question its strength as it can hold its own quite easily under pressure. As the airline standards dictate, this crate comes equipped with handles that enable handlers to load the crate onto the plane and to fasten it in place.


The airline standards dictate that a crate must have at least two or four sides ventilated depending on the type of flight. The good thing about this crate is that it has ventilation on all sides of the crate including on the door. As such, you can rest assured that it is fit for use on both domestic and international flights.

Aluminum also has the ability to dissipate heat into the atmosphere quite easily and this ensures that the interior of the crate remains cool throughout the flight.


Aluminum is a very strong material that can withstand impact without coming apart. This makes this crate great for air travel as should it come into contact with another crate during a collision while being loaded onto the aircraft; you can be assured that it will maintain its form thus preventing your dog from getting hurt. Some crates such as those made of metal can bend and poke your dog, injuring it in the process. This sturdy nature of this crate ensures that you can use it for very many years, thus saving you on expenses that would have been incurred in the purchase of another crate.


A latch lock has been used in this crate. These kinds of locks are very secure as they cannot be opened from the inside which prevents your dog from letting itself out during the flight.

Other than these amazing features, our impact dog crates also come in a variety of sizes which will enable you to get the right fit for your dog. Check out the impact dog crates in our collection now and stand to benefit from a great bargain.

Zinger Airline Approved Dog Crates

Some dogs will do anything to get out of a crate and zinger dog crates have been designed with escape artists in mind. Your dog cannot chew or hit its way out of these crates and you can be assured of its security.

Also IATA compliant, the zinger airline approved dog crates in our collection have been designed to blow your mind away by offering immense benefits at a very reasonable price. Take a look at what we have to offer.


Soft-sided crates are easy to get out of if your dog is determined so if you have a very aggressive dog, these crates are the way to go. Made of aluminum which is quite a sturdy material, these crates are able to withstand chewing and ramming while maintaining their form and this comes in handy in various ways as follows.


Though they are very careful when loading crates onto the plane, handlers may make a mistake and ram one crate onto the other. Can you imagine the kind of damage that a ram could have on your crate if it was made of a soft material?

It is also possible that your crate can come apart if there is a bump in the air and your dog hits the sides of the crate with force. Aluminum prevents this from happening as it is strong enough to withstand such impacts and this assures you of your dog’s well-being whilst in the cabin.


You will find many crates out there being sold at very cheap prices but they do come with a huge number of downsides. To start with, they are not very durable due to the materials used and you will find yourself replacing your dog crate every now and then.

They are also not safe for use for a long period as due to the effects of wear and tear; your dog will be at a risk if a collision should occur. Our zinger crates may be a little costly at first but in the end, you will have forgone a lot of stress and unnecessary costs. Due to the strength of aluminum, our crates have the ability to serve you for years while withstanding hits and other manners of pressures applied to them.

Heat Dissipation

Aluminum has the ability to dissipate heat into the atmosphere at a faster rate as compared to materials such as plastic and this prevents the buildup of heat inside the crate which would have otherwise made your dog uncomfortable.


The construction of these crates has been done through the use of steel bars. As such, your dog will have access to adequate ventilation on all sides including the door. You can use these crates for both domestic and international flights at ease.


A slam latch is used in these crates such that when you slam them shut from the outside, they cannot be opened from the inside. The doors used in these crates are of a reversible nature and you can change the way in which they open.

As you can see from the above aluminum dog crates, aluminum is a great material for use in crating your dog when traveling by air. Not only does it provide a cool atmosphere inside the crate but it also prevents your dog from coming to harm.

The good thing about our aluminum airline approved dog crates is that they are versatile and you can use them for other purposes such as housebreaking which can help you save on costs. What’s more, you can count on them for durability throughout the years.

When to use Plastic Kennels that are Airline Approved

Plastic crates can be used for air travel, provided that the plastic used is heavy duty and can withstand impacts without breaking and hurting your dog. They are also great for use if your dog has a mild temperament and thus does not require too much security as is the case with aggressive dogs.

In our collection, we provide plastic airline approved dog crates made of heavy duty plastic and which have been built to withstand the test of time. Take a look at what we have in store for you.

Petmate Vari Kennel dog crate

These crates are easy to use and setting them up takes up a matter of minutes before you get them up and running. Being that they are made of plastic should not worry you as they are made of heavy duty plastic that is not only able to withstand environmental effects but can also withstand impacts.


Heavy-duty plastic has the ability to last for years and to add on to the durability of these crates, reinforced sidewalls have been used to minimize wear and tear. Plastic is also a great material for use in a crate.

Where other materials such as metal would be uncomfortable to your dog during the cold weather, plastic easily gets warmed by your dog and it does not conduct heat away from your dog and this enables your dog to remain warm.


Heavy-duty plastic does not bend or crack upon impact which ensures that your dog cannot get harmed in the event of an impact. To ensure that the crate stays in place during the flight, these crates come equipped with tie-down strap holes which will be used to fasten the crate to the plane.

The latch lock used in the crate is easy to use and you can easily find your way around it. However, you can rest assured that your dog cannot open it from the inside which means that your dog will remain safely inside the crate.


Plastic has been known to get warm in high temperatures and giving consideration to this, these crates have adequate ventilation on all sides as well as on the door. In this way, no matter how hot it gets, your dog will have access to adequate cool air.


Traveling with your dog can be hard especially when you have to carry your dog around in a heavy crate. These crates are quite light in nature and this makes them easy for you to carry around and easy for the handlers to load them onto the plane.

These crates also come in an array of sizes from which you can choose.

Petmate Sky Kennel

These are some of the most highly praised airline approved dog crates in the market today and this can be attributed to their versatility. Totally compliant with IATA standards, these crates are perfect for use in air travel. Read on more to find out why they are praised so.


These crates are made of heavy duty plastic that will not undergo deformation in the event of a collision. The latch system that is used in these crates is also very secure and it does not break on impact which assures you that your dog will remain safely inside its crate should there be a collision. The plastic used is also very durable and you will not be looking for another dog crate for a very long time to come.

Solid Base

The base of these crates is made of solid plastic that cannot allow liquids or any other type of matter to pass through and this prevents messes in the crate from spilling out of the crate which is in compliance with IATA standards.


To put these crates up, you will not be required to use any tools and the process is quite simple and will only take up a few minutes of your time. Breaking the crates down is also quite easy and this also enables you to save on space when the crates are not in use.


Plastic is quite light and as such, traveling with your dog will be quite easy. This is also beneficial to the handlers who will be in charge of loading your dog onto the plane as they will also have it easy.


With four sides of the crate having adequate ventilation inlets, you can use this crate on both domestic and international flights. The ventilation prevents the inside of the crate from getting overheated and it prevents your dog from getting restless during the flight.

These crates also come in different sizes from which you can take your pick.

When to use Soft Dog Crates that are Airline Approved

If your dog is not destructive and does not like to chew on things, you can use a soft-sided dog crate for air travel. Most airlines allow for the use of soft-sided dog crates on flights for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that they can be set in a way that they fit under your seat in a manner that your dog does not get squeezed and the seat does not get damaged.

They also come with pockets that have been sewn in with zipper enclosures which prevent your dog from leaving the crate. However, some airlines do not allow the use of Velcro as it can easily come apart and allow your dog to escape.

In our collection, we have the best airline approved soft sided crates which you can use for convenient air travel.

Sherpa Pet Carrier

If you are looking for an easy and convenient manner of traveling with your dog, then this is definitely the dog crate for you. Equipped with wheels, you can drag the crate behind you as you go about your activities and where you cannot drag it; you can use the shoulder strap to carry the crate.

It is also very light allowing you to carry it with ease. To make matters even better, you can use it on a plane as it is IATA compliant. Take a look at its other features.


This crate comes with mesh panels on its sides which can be adjusted to let in more or less air depending on the situation. This ability to adjust can help you regulate the temperature within the crate to ensure that your dog is comfortable. It also allows you to regulate the amount of privacy accorded to your dog.


This crate can easily fit under a cabin seat without damaging the seat or hurting your dog. This makes it easy to use in the cabin and as a result, it has been approved by many airlines for in-cabin use. The amount of ventilation in the crate also contributes to its approval.


Due to the materials used in making this crate, it is quite light in nature and you will find it very easy to handle. If you get tired of carrying it, you can always use the wheels and roll it as you move along.


Available in various colors and sizes, you are bound to find the crate that works best for you at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your dog by air does not have to be a daunting task anymore. Take a look at the airline approved dog crates in our collection and choose one that matches your dog’s temperament. All our dog crates have been designed to serve your crating needs for years to come.

To make matters even better, our airline approved dog crates have been designed to be versatile enough to serve other purposes such as housebreaking which means that you can get one crate for all your needs. Here is to crating on a budget!

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