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Dandie Dinmont Terrier - Fun Facts and Crate Size

Posted by Joseph Isaac on

Dandie Dinmont Terrier - Fun Facts and Crate Size

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Quick Facts:

  • AKC recognized in 1886
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Size: Small
  • Energy: Medium
  • Recommended Crate Size: 24” dog crate*

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The Terrier is a dog breed of the terrier group which typically have small bodies, wiry coats, are fearless and very active dogs. Terriers vary in size from 2 pounds to more than 70 pounds. They are typically classified based on their size. One of the famous Terrier breeds is the Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

They were originally bred as a working dog specializing in destroying vermin such as rabbit, rats, and the like. As they were originally bred for hunting, they are great as watch dogs because of their loud and deep bark. The Dandie Terrier is considered a rare breed and it is important to get them from reputable breeder.


The American Kennel Club formally recognized the Dandie Dinmont Terrier in 1886. These medium energy dogs are known as the Hindlee Terrier. The Dandie Terrier is a great companion dog.

This dog should not be together with small animals such as pet mice, hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs because they might chase them and potentially injure them. Their hunting instincts are strong. The Dandie Terrier is an intelligent dog which is affectionate and fond of children. Like most Terrier breeds, the Dandie does have high self-confidence, but they are not immune from developing small dog syndrome.


The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a small dog with a sturdy body. The head is broad and covered in silken and soft hair which contrasts with its body hair. Even though the body is small, but they are very muscular. The Dandie comes in various color such as mustard, silvery, pepper, and all white. They have round expressive eyes which usually are hazel in color.


It is recommended to provide feed formulated to small-sized breeds. It is highly recommended to discuss your dog’s feed with your veterinarian and/or breeder in order to determine size and frequency of meals in order to ensure a health, long life. It is also important to ensure that clean, fresh water is always available.


This dog breed does not shed much but the hair on its undercoat usually gets trapped on its topcoat. Regular brushing is recommended to prevent mats and remove loose hair. They also need twice a year stripping to remove dead hair and trigger new hair growth. Weekly ear checks are also suggested to remove any wax build up, which often cause irritation and possibly infection.


The Dandie Dinmont Terrier has a medium energy level. They need moderate exercise and are well suited for walking. Because of their short and small feet, they are not as well suited for running activities. Regular, daily walks with a bit of play time will be sufficient for this breed. The Dandie can live well in both the suburbs and in the city. Their small size makes them suitable for condo or apartment living.

Pet Crate Size

Pet Crates Direct recommends 24” dog crates* for most adult Dandie Dinmont Terriers.


* Links for crate sizes will bring you to the most appropriate Amazon page.

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