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Dog Leash Types You Need To Know About: A Guide

Dog leash types

Dog leashes are a vital tool that can protect your dog. Not only can they protect your dog from other aggressive animals, but they can also prevent your dog from getting exposed to dangerous diseases, like Parvo. 

As a dog owner, there are so many different brands and products that you need to choose from, so it is important that you know all the dog leash types to choose the best one for your dog. Depending on the size of your dog and how much freedom you want to give them, your type of leash and dog leash clip types will vary. 

Do you want to find the best dog leash for your pet? Keep reading this article to learn more about each type of leash. 

Standard Dog Leash

The first type of leash that you can choose from is a standard dog leash. This is one of the most basic types of leashes you can get for your dog and is typically used for walking your dog each day. This type of leash is a good dog training leash. 

These standard leashes range between 4 and 8 feet long and are typically made from nylon or leather. 

The length of these leashes provides enough freedom for your dog to move around comfortably, but still short enough that you can control your dog enough while they are still training. 

Retractable Dog Leash

Another common type of leash that you can get for your dog is a retractable dog leash. This leash can extend and retract like a measuring tape, allowing you to vary the length of your dog leash. 

This is a great way to provide your dog with a lot of freedom when you are able to and to restrict their movement when necessary. 

They typically go from about 4 feet to 30 feet long. Most retractable leashes also have a locking mechanism that allows you to set the leash to whichever length you would prefer. Otherwise, they will automatically retract when there is slack on the leash. 

While retractable leashes are a great option, it is important that you understand the dangers of them. First, the slack of the leash can increase the risk of strangulation, so you need to keep an eye on your dog while they are connected to this type of leash. 

It can also teach your dog to pull at the leash, as they are used to it extending to their desired length. 

Adjustable Dog Leash

Next, there are adjustable dog leashes. This type of leash is a combination of standard leashes and retractable leashes, as it allows you to adjust the length of the leash to fit your preferences. 

However, it doesn't work like a tape measurer and will not create extra slack while you are walking your dog. Usually, you can adjust the length of the leash by clipping the leash to different loops on the line. 

These leashes generally range from 3 to 6 feet, so it is a great option if you need a short leash to train your dog to heel or walk close to you. 

Chain Leash

Similar to a standard leash, a chain leash is only a single length and is quite basic. The length will vary depending on the type of leash you buy, but the material makes it a great option for dogs that tend to chew through their toys and anything else. 

You can also get chains that vary in weight and thickness, so they are great options for dogs of any size or breed. 

If you choose a chain leash for your dog, you need to make sure they do not chew on it. Because the metal is indestructible, it can seriously damage your dog's teeth if they do not stop chewing on it. 

Specialized Leashes

Finally, there are a few different types of specialized leashes that you can choose from. These have unique designs that make them best for different activities. 

First, there is a leash meant for multiple dogs. It is also known as a double leash. Often this type of leash has a single handle connected to a rope that splits. This makes it simple to attach multiple dogs to the same leash. 

This is only suitable for well-behaved dogs that will not jump, pull, or twist the leash, as it is typically more difficult for dog owners to use. 

Another specialized leash is a seat belt leash. This is meant to be used in the car to keep your dog safe and secured as you are driving. One end of the leash clips to your dog's collar and the other end looks like the end of a seatbelt and will clip into the seatbelt of any car. 

This way your dog will be protected if you have to slam on the brakes or if you are in an accident.

Finally, there is a bike leash meant for active dog owners. This leash attaches to the frame of your bike and allows your dog to run next to you while you are on your bike. It also has an adjustable amount of distance so you do not have to worry about accidentally hurting your dog. 

Choose the Best Dog Leash Types Today

Choosing the best dog leash types for your pet can be a difficult choice. There are many options available, each with a different purpose. However, by learning more about each type of dog leash and by considering the behaviors of your dog, you can choose the best leash. 

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