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Dogue De Bordeaux – Fun Facts and Crate

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Dogue De Bordeaux

Dogue De Bordeaux

Quick Facts:

  • AKC recognized in 2008
  • Lifespan: 5-8 years
  • Size: Large
  • Energy: Medium
  • Recommended Crate Size: 48" dog crate*

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The Dogue De Bordeaux originated in France in the early 14th century.

The Dogue De Bordeaux is bred to do many different things like carrying heavy objects, pulling carts, or guarding flocks.

This breed used to come in 2 different varieties, which are Dogue and Doguin. Unfortunately, Doguins are no longer in existence. The Dogue De Bordeaux itself was almost extinct two times in history. The first time was during WWII, and the second one was during the French Revolution. 

The history of Dogue De Bordeaux breeding still remains in mystery with many speculations. Some people said that it predates the Bullmastiff and Bulldog. Yet, others say that both the Dogue and Mastiff originated during the same time. There is another theory saying that this breed originated from Tibetan Mastiff. Whichever is true, the only obvious thing is that this dog shares the same link with all modern molossers.


The American Kennel Club formally recognized the Dogue De Bordeaux in 2008.

These medium energy dogs are known as affectionate, loyal, and self-assured. They can be a great companion for a family. They even can be an amazing guard dog due to their natural protective instinct.

This dog is also quite courageous but not aggressive.

Although they are not really active, they still have a willingness to learn and do a lot of exercises. However, owners should not give them too much when they are still puppies. You have to wait until they have stronger bones. Otherwise, they may hurt themselves.

Despite being calm, the Dogue De Bordeaux has a stubbornness and tendency to dominate. Hence, early socialization training is crucial for them.

If you want to get this breed for your own, expect to see a lot of drool lines around the house. This dog drools a lot.


The Dogue De Bordeaux is a powerfully built dog.

It has a muscular body with such a large head. In fact, they are claimed to have the largest head in the canine world.

The height for the males is 23.27” and 23-26” for females.

The weight is 110lbs and up for males and 99lbs and up for females.

It has a serious expression with lighter eye color. Unlike the English Mastiff, this dog is bred to be low to the ground.

The coat is short and quite soft. Its color varies from fawn to mahogany with a red, black, or brown mask. The one with a red mask is considered as the true breed.


It is recommended to provide feed formulated to large-sized breeds. It is highly recommended to discuss your dog’s feed with your veterinarian and/or breeder in order to determine the size and frequency of meals in order to ensure a healthy, long life. It is also important to ensure that clean, fresh water is always available.


One of the most important cares you need to prepare for with this breed is plenty of rags to wipe its drool. Of course, there will be the occasional baths and wipe downs, as required. The occasional teeth brushing is also recommended.


Socialization training is a must thing to do and start it early for an easier process and better results. 20-40 minutes of daily exercise is recommended.

Pet Crate Size

Pet Crates Direct recommends a 48" dog crate* for most adult Dogue De Bordeauxes.


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