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Large Dog Crates - Everything You Need to Know

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Large dog crates

When it comes to getting a dog crate, you need to consider the size of your dog. It is so important and many new owners will miss this information when it comes to getting their first dog crate. If you do not size your dog correctly when it comes to getting them their first dog crate, the crate will lose all its benefits and your dog will not want to stay in it. As you will know, dog crates have an array of benefits and they are quite expensive, so the last thing you want is for your dog to reject the crate altogether – which will cost you a fortune.

When it comes to dogs, there is a range of breeds that will require a specific crate or design. In particular, extremely small dogs and extremely large dogs will need special crates so they can move around and feel comfortable. If you get a large dog a small crate, they will feel cramped and claustrophobic, whereas, if you get a small dog a large crate they will find it difficult to adapt to the size and training will be incredibly difficult. As you can see, making sure that you have a dog crate suitable for your dog is so important.

In this article, we will be discussing large dog crates and what you need to know if you’re planning on buying one. Of course, a large dog crate will be suited to a larger breed, such as a Great Dane. Without the right large dog crate, you could waste your money and will be left with a useless crate. Continue to read on if you’re interested to know more about larger dog crates.

What is considered to be a Large Dog Crate?

So, before we dive in and establish why you should size your dog correctly and which large dog crates you should purchase, it is important to consider what constitutes as a large dog crate. We have sizing guides in our store but to save you the trouble, we will go through the requirements in this paragraph.

A large dog crate will be perfect for any breed that is over 42 inches and the breed can go all the way up to 52 inches if you have a giant breed like a Great Dane or a St Bernard. There are a huge collection of breeds that could be included in this range and you find the rest of the sizes on our site.

There are a lot of different crates on out store (hence why we’re called Pet Crates Direct). Many of the crates we have are suited for small to large dogs but there are a select few that are suited for extra-large breeds. As you will see later, there are a few brands you can rely on when it comes to finding these larger crates.

Why is it Important to Size your Dog Correctly?

So why should you bother when it comes to getting your dog a crate that actually fits them? There are actually a lot of reasons you should and some have briefly been discussed above. If you don’t size your dog correctly and get them a crate that is too small or too big, you might as well throw the crate out if you plan on using it for any practical benefit. Here are a few reasons why you should size your dog correctly before you go out and purchase your first crate. Save yourself some money and make sure the dog fits!

Reduces Anxiety

The main reason why you should size your dog correctly for their crate is for their own sake. This is focused more towards the crates that are too small for some large dogs. If the dog cannot fit in the crate and they are forced in, they will feel timid and scared. They will be uncomfortable and, as a result, they will develop anxieties about the crate. This can be incredibly bad if they start to displace this onto other crates, as they will learn to associate pain and anxiety with any crate you put them in.

Obviously, if you are trying to get the dog in a crate that they are clearly too big for, you're going to have very little success. If they don’t fit in, never force them. It will end in tears and will destroy any chance you thought you had when it comes to crate training.

Makes Crate Training Easier

If you’re dog doesn’t fit properly in their dog crate, it will be incredibly hard to train them to enjoy it. This applies to both sides of the story. If the dog is too big for the crate, they will not willingly go in unless you decide to give them a push. As we have suggested in the previous paragraph, they will develop anxieties from the close space and will not associate the crate with a place of pleasure.

If the dog is too small for the crate, they will not be able to be trained effectively as they may feel there’s enough room for them to sleep and do their “business”. It so important that you make sure a crate is a perfect size so it is not too big and not too small. It needs to feel like a den so promote that feeling or security and safety in the dog.

Helps the Dog Grow into the Crate

This point applies to puppies. As you may know, puppies grow incredibly quick and if you are not keeping up they will quickly outgrow the equipment you bought for them in their youth. The same applies to pet crates. You need to make sure that the crate can grow with the pup, so you’re not buying another crate in the near future which will cost you a pretty penny.

Many crates now offer a divider to go with them – even the larger crates. The divider allows you to effectively segregate the crate so you can expand the space with your pup. If you place the pup in a large crate right off the bat, they will most likely mess in it. Make sure that you expand the crate with the pup and it will save you money in the distance future.

Allows You to Travel via Air

One of the main reasons you’ll want to size your dog correctly when you’re buying is so you’ll be allowed on planes. There is no doubt that one of the best benefits to having a crate is the air travel. You can take your dog anywhere you want and won’t have to leave them at home ever again. However, if you don’t size them correctly you may not be able to travel.

Some airlines (if not most) abide by a strict set of rules when it comes to traveling pets. You need to meet all the criteria in order to fly with your pet and one of them is having a suitable size crate. If the crate is too big or so small that they cannot move, the airline won’t let you or your pet fly so make sure you get your sizing right!

The Best Brands for Large Dog Crates

There is a range of brilliant brands when it comes to large dog crates but there are a select few that stand out from the rest. They are brands that specialize in metal/wired crates and they are well-known amongst the pet crate industry.

It is so important to get a good brand when it comes to pet crates as there a lot of companies that charge high prices and provide low-quality products. Here are our favorite brands when it comes to large dog crates.


This is an obvious one. Midwest is a classic brand that has been featured on a lot of our guides before and for good reasons too. They provide a lot of high-quality crates and produce strong and durable wired crates for larger dogs. As well as larger dogs, they also make crates for regular sizes dogs but that’s not the nature of this article now, is it?

Midwest’s crates are lightweight and can be folded and transported incredibly easily. In addition, because they can be folded, storage in the home is also easy. They can be purchased with dividers to help with puppies training and work well to keep your large dog in one spot at a time.


Precision is another fantastic brand that you need to recognize. Precision is a brand that also specializes in wired dog crates and they are known for producing some high-quality products. They have a range of crates and some are suited for the larger breed.

They are strong and durable enough to hold even the most aggressive dogs but light enough to be carried around the home. The Precision brand is a great alternative to Midwest if you’re looking for a little more variation, as they also produce dog homes, soft-sided crates, and other products.

Some of the Best Large Dog Crates on Pet Crates Direct

With the best brands listed above, I suppose it is time to get into some of the best large crates for large dogs on Pet Crates Direct. Although we have a ton of crates that are suited towards small to large dogs, we have selected the crates that are best for the exceptionally large.

But don’t worry as these crates also come in smaller sizes for the “not so big” breeds. The crates below are suited for any dog all the way up to Great Danes, so they have a wide size range. Here are the top 3 large dog crates.

Precision Great Crate 3-Door

The Great Crate 3-door is one of the best crates that Precision produces and it is excellent if you have a large dog. The crate is designed with access in mind as it has 3 doors for your dog to enter and exit from. The crate is also very durable and can be popped up in a matter of minutes thanks to it clever structure. The crate comes with a divider for puppies and also has skid-proof feet which stop it sliding on slippery surfaces. This is one of the best crates if you’re looking to crate your larger breed.

Midwest Ultima Pro

First on the Midwest list is the Ultima Pro and it is a fantastic crate if you want to get something for a larger dog. This crate is available for both extra-small and extra-large dogs, so it can be used for a diverse range of breeds. This crate is both durable and lightweight because of the wired design and it can be folded and carried incredibly quickly. This crate does not require any tools or special knowledge to build, allowing it to be popped up in seconds. This is a crate that will have everything you need when it comes to caring for your dog.

Midwest Life Stages Crate

The Midwest Life Stages crate is another excellent choice if you have a larger dog and it is suitable for a range of sizes. This crate includes Midwest’s unique locking system that you won’t find anywhere else. The locking system makes the crate a lot more secure and will make sure that larger dogs can’t get out. When you get this crate you not only get all of the strength and lightness of a Midwest crates but you also get a lot of accessories. These include a removable pan, a divider and detachable handles for easy transport. This is an excellent crate if none of the above take your fancy.   

Summing it up

When it comes to buying a crate for a large dog, you want to make sure you size them correctly so they fit. If you don’t get a crate that fits your larger dog the whole purchase will be for nothing as the dog will reject the small crate, putting them off in the future. Make sure you get the sizes right the first time, as it will save you a fortune in the near future.

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