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Lhasa Apso – Fun Facts and Crate Size

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 Lhasa Apso - Fun Facts and Crate Size

Lhasa Apso

Quick Facts:

  • AKC recognized in 1935
  • Lifespan:12-15 years
  • Size: Small
  • Energy: Medium
  • Recommended Crate Size: 30” dog crate*

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The Lhasa Apso originates from Tibet. Apart from its appearance, its unusual history is the other factor which makes it unique. This dog is known as an ancient dog. It is believed that it has been living ever since the year 800 A.D.! That makes the dog one of the oldest breeds ever recognized in the world. Lhasa Apso is a small breed of mountain wolf. Its size makes it interesting because this small breed has a closer relation with the ancestral wolf than many larger dogs. It was originally bred to be a household guard.

Buddhist monks in Tibet have been using the dog to guard their monasteries for centuries. However, this dog is not simply a watchdog. It is considered to play a sacred part in the reincarnation process. The Dalai Lamas who did not reach Nirvana are said to be reincarnated into a Lhasa Apso. This dog often becomes the Dalai Lama’s pet. Besides being a valued pet, they also are given as a special gift to honored guests. The lifespan of the Lhasa Apso is around 12-15 years. But, it can live longer than that. The oldest one lived up to 29 years!


The American Kennel Club formally recognized the Lhasa Apso in 1935. These medium energy dogs are known as comical, confident and smart. They are also quite alert which qualifies them as a watchdog. Keen hearing and a sharp bark further assist them in doing their job. They are often aggressive toward strangers, but, with proper training, they will not attack recklessly.

Lhasa Apso is also an independent dog. It will be a bit problematic in training them due to their personality, but well worth the effort. They will only 'lie down' when they are not doing anything, so patience in training is very important for one who intends to get them as a pet. As time goes on there will be a built trust that will help during the training process. 


The Lhasa Apso is small and hardy. The body proportion is long instead of tall. It has a dense and long double coat that covers the entire body. They have a beard and mustache on their face. Their tail is heavily feathered too.

This breed has a number of color varieties. These are white, honey, slate, or black with various shades. This dog has small, brown eyes and pendant ears. The height of the males is 10-11 inches, while the females are slightly smaller. The weight is about 12-18 pounds.


It is recommended to provide feed formulated to small-sized breeds. It is highly recommended to discuss your dog’s feed with your veterinarian and/or breeder in order to determine size and frequency of meals in order to ensure a health, long life. It is also important to ensure that clean, fresh water is always available.


Since Lhasa Apso has a long coat, they will need a frequent grooming. Check their ears for any debris that may cause infection. Regularly brush their teeth for good mouth health. Keep their nails trimmed to avoid cracking from overgrowth.


The Lhasa Apso loves a brisk, daily walk with its owner. Plan for a 30-45 minutes of exercise per day.

Pet Crate Size

Pet Crates Direct recommends 30” dog crates* for most adult Lhasa Apsos.


* Links for crate sizes will bring you to the most appropriate Amazon page.

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