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Top 6 Benefits of Getting a Cat Collar

Cat collar

It's not a secret that cats can be finicky pets. We love them for it, but they can pose some unique problems to pet owners.

Cats love to get outside whether they're supposed to or not. And while they're out there they can be a threat to wildlife and other cats, and experience their own threats such as cars and getting lost.

A cat collar can help you handle a lot of the challenges of cat ownership simply by making your cat more identifiable and noticeable. Let's look at some of the great benefits of buying a cat collar.

1. Cat Collar Identification

The most obvious reason to get your cat a collar is so that he or she can be easily identified. 

While your cat may be microchipped, not everyone knows to look for that and the person who finds your cat may not be able to hold onto them long enough to get them to a vet to search for a chip. It's much quicker to simply read the information on the cat collar tags or print on the collar.

You can also let other people know helpful information about your cat. For example, if your cat is an outdoor cat who likes to roam the neighborhood, be sure to include a message on the tag not to worry or contact you unless there is an emergency. On the other hand, if your cat is strictly an indoor cat you can let people know that you should be contacted and your cat should come home straight away.

2. Warn Other Animals

Killing 2.4 billion birds every year, outdoor cats are the biggest threat to bird populations. The obvious answer to that issue may be to keep your cat inside, but some cats become depressed without access to the outdoors.

You can fix this problem with a cat collar with a bell. The bell makes just enough sound to let animals know that your cat is coming so they can get away before they're killed. This will save you a world of worry too. Your cat can't bring you unexpected gifts if there's nothing for them to catch.

Plus, rodents and birds sometimes carry diseases that your cat could catch if they try to eat them. It's best to use a bell to limit their hunting altogether.

3. Keep the Peace

Birds and rodents aren't the only animals that can hear a bell coming. 

If you have a cat that behaves aggressively towards another cat in your home, you can use a bell to keep the peace. Put a bell on your aggressive cat's collar while keeping a silent collar for the nonaggressive cat.

The more timid cat will be able to hear the other cat coming and stay away, while the aggressor will have a harder time finding their victim. This puts the power in the hands of the cat being bullied so they can pick and choose when to spend time with the more aggressive cat.

4. Easy Release

Many people worry that cats' naturally sneaky behavior will end up with them getting their collar caught on something. It's natural to worry that they could end up strangled.

But people are often thinking of dog collars when they think of that scenario. While dog collars are made to stay latched when a dog pulls on a leash, most cat collars are break-away collars and don't have that feature. Instead, the closure is very weak, and a small amount of pressure will take the collar off.

So you'll have to worry more about having extra collars around the house than you will about your cat getting hurt by their collar.

5. Dress Up For the Occasion

Why should dog owners have all the fun?

If you've been getting jealous of the adorable outfits and accessories dog owners get to put on their pets, you must start putting collars on your cats. 

You can find designs for every mood, holiday, season, and occasion. If you consider your cat to be boyish and mighty, consider a camo printed collar. If your cat is mysterious and ethereal there are constellation collars. There are even cute Christmas collars. Or you can try a cat bow tie collar for a more formal event.

6. Stay Bright at Night

One of the most nerve-wracking times to let your cat out can be at night. But unfortunately, that's a very active time for those mighty hunters, and they'll probably be most desperate to go out in the evening.

But the same darkness that keeps them hidden while hunting makes it hard for motorists to see them. If your cat tries to dart across the street at night, it can be a disaster waiting to happen.

By providing your cat with a glow-in-the-dark or reflective collar, you can make it easier for them to be seen so that they stay safe. You'll also be able to spot them in your yard easier when you glance out the window to know that they're still there. The best part? They don't glow during the day so you don't have to worry about switching them out.

Keeping Your Cat Safe 

While a cat collar may feel untraditional, they're one of the best ways to keep your cat safe. Gone are the days of accidents caused by collars, and they've been replaced by collars that identify your cat quickly and alert their presence to people driving cars. If you're struggling with an aggressive cat, too many small dead animals, or a cat that keeps going missing a cat collar is the answer to your problems.

Curious about the other great things that are missing from your cat's life? Check out our whole Cat section for the best products!

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