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What are the best dog crate brands?

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Best dog crate brands

Pet crates are a great way to take your pet along with you when you’re traveling, and they can act as a great method to toilet train. They have a variety of uses and having one can provide you with a number of benefits. The main issue that many new buyers come across is the sheer number of options they have when it comes to brands, sizes, and types. There are a lot of pet crate brands and knowing the trusted from the not so trusted can make a huge difference in pet crate quality.

Identifying a good pet crate brand is important but can take a long time/lot of experience to truly master. However, if you’re a new buyer, you’re not going to want to waste your money testing and trying out various crate brands, are you? To cut the learning curve, we have picked out some of our favorite brands that are high-quality and will provide you and your pet with a great experience. Continue to read on for our best pet crates brands on the market today.


PetMate is one of our favorites and it can be agreed upon in the community that their crates are some of the best around. They produce some high-quality equipment and have specialty crates that are approved for air travel. In most cases (if not all), their crates are made from lightweight plastic and are incredibly durable.

The Sky Kennel

Among their pet crate collection sits one of the most popular crates on the market – the sky kennel. This is one of the most recommended crates when it comes to air travel and is promoted by the airlines themselves. The crate is incredibly light and can be moved around easily, which helps when it comes to transportation to and from the airport. It also comes with all the equipment and necessities for air travel, including live animal stickers, a food and water cup and airline approved bolts. For an added bonus, no tools are required for assembly and it has a 4-point locking system for the animals who like to escape.

As well as their famous Sky Kennel, they also offer the very popular Vari Kennel, Fashion Compass, and Navigator pet crates, which are all fantastic as well. The Vari Kennel, in particular, is very popular for standard pet crate use because of its lightweight and practical design. Without a doubt, PetMate is one of the best brands you can invest in.  

Zinger (Winger)

Zinger has been mentioned before in our blogs and that’s because it is a fantastic brand. They are also very popular and produce some incredibly high-quality, durable crates. This brand is perfect for home and breeding use, as their crates are made from lightweight and durable aluminum. They are more heavy-duty than the PetMate crates due to their structure and design but can be used for similar purposes.

The Zinger Escape Artist

As well as PetMate, Zinger also has some signature pet crates that we recommend you check out. Of course, it is made of metal, so if you prefer a smaller, lighter design, we suggest you go for plastic. Nonetheless, the Zinger Escape Artist Pet Crate is a perfect addition to any dog owner’s home. This heavy-duty crate is excellent for larger dogs who like to bite their way out of flimsier crates. This particular design has been reinforced around the main entrance to ensure that your pet doesn’t escape (hence the name).

The crate itself holds a similar build to the rest of their collection, so you can use it as a good reference point. The crate is made from strong, lightweight aluminum (as with all their crates) and great veneration on all sides. The crate can also be fitted with wheels for easy transport and with their airline kits, it can become air travel-friendly. This crate is incredibly safe and is excellent for breeders and trainers who have larger dogs.

As well as the Escape Artist, Zinger has a collapsible version that can be squashed to ¼ of its original size. They also have their deluxe version, which also has the features of the Escape Artist with the exception of the extra door reinforcements. Zinger’s crates offer great security at affordable prices and are definitely a brand we endorse.


Precision Dog Crates have always been a household favorite because of their basic, lightweight design. They are perfect for the standard home and car environment because of their wired build. These dog crates are designed with no specific breed in mind, and as of such, they can be used for multiple purposes. If you’re looking for a simple pet crate that doesn’t take up too much room and can be easily transported, Precision might be for you.

The Great Crate Elite

One of the popular crates is the Great Crate Elite, which mixes it up a bit when compared to their standard pet crates. This is because the crate 3 different door access points which make this crate very versatile. One of the doors opens at the top, allowing for puppies to be placed without a lot of hassles. As a result, these crates are excellent for initial training. To accommodate puppies, the crate can be featured with a divider, allowing your dog to grow along with the crate which is perfect if you want them to get used to it. With rubber feet and rounded corners, this Precision crate is ideal for inside use.

As well as the Great Crate Elite, Precision also has a range of other products, including a 2-door version and a variety of outside lodges. They are a creative and unique brand, which is why they are on this list.


Choosing a crate brand is very difficult and you need to have experience with different crates to really get an idea. We have seen and used hundreds of crates, so we know a thing or two about which brands you should be investing in. Above we have selected the best crate brands that you can use. Of course, there are many other great brands that didn’t make this list, including Midwest, Owens, and Impact. However, if you’re a new buyer, you should use the above list to identify your first buy. If you want plastic, go with PetMate. If you want metal, go with Zinger. Finally, if you want wired, go with Precision.

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