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What Is the Best Dog Toy for Your Dog? A Closer Look

Dog toy

We love dogs and dogs love to play. We all want to make our dogs the happiest dogs ever by providing them with lots of fun toys.

Whether they choose to play with us or to play by themselves, we want to make sure we get them the safest, smartest, and most enjoyable dog toys that money can buy.

When it comes to choosing the best dog toy for your dog, there are a lot of different factors to consider.

Chances are that your dog already has a whole bunch of toys; he or she probably loves some of them to death and couldn't care less about the others. And, as a dog parent, you wonder if the toys your dog loves best are even safe.

Read on to learn more about what to look for when shopping for dog toys so you can make the right choices. If you consider all of the following things, you'll soon find toys that your dog will love for many years to come.

1. Fun

First and foremost, you want the dog toys that you choose for your dog to be fun. You want him or her to be engaged and excited by whatever dog toy you bring home from the store. Dog personalities differ, so the toys that will be the most fun for any dog will vary. Is your dog inquisitive? Does he or she love to fetch or chew? Is your dog nervous by nature and does he or she need a distracting toy to stay occupied? Do your dog love to run a lot or does he or she prefer to relax?

Most dog owners know their dogs well, but determining which are the best toys for their dogs may require some trial and error. Take your time and be patient when introducing new toys to your dog. You'll soon see a pattern of what he or she likes best. 

2. Safe

When choosing dog toys, choosing safe toys is just as important as choosing fun toys - and actually even more so. You don't want your dog to get hurt while playing, and you certainly don't want him or her choking on small pieces of the toys as they come apart. Dogs are smart, but they are not smart enough to know when a toy is finished and when they should leave it alone for their own safety.

Therefore, when you shop for dog yous, you need to seek out durable dog toys. Indestructible dog toys are great, but few are truly indestructible after an eager dog has had its way with it. Look for dog toys that seem durable and keep a close eye on them; as they break down, take them away and instead off your dog something fresh and brand new.

3. Interactive

Dogs enjoy toys that make them think, and they're good for their minds, too. Interactive dog toys can help keep them busy and can stave off boredom, too. If you want to keep your dog curious and inquisitive, seek out puzzle toys that force them to concentrate and move things to find a treat or toys that have hidden parts that they need to find for the full experience.  

4. Age-Appropriate

Puppies love to chew, but most dogs outgrow their chewing phase eventually - at least to some extent. If you have a little one in your home, you'll want to provide him or her with plenty of chew toys. This will help your dog to focus on toys instead of on chewing on the legs of your table or your shoes. However, when choosing chew toys, make sure it's soft enough for your dog's teeth, too - anything that you can't press with your thumbnail is probably too hard.

As your dog ages, his dog toy needs may change. Once he's able to run and fetch, you may want to switch over to durable toys that you can throw time and time again. Many people choose tennis balls for this purpose and that can work for some dogs, but others may chew them up and swallow the pieces, which can get lodged in their throat. It's best to choose durable balls made for dogs, while keeping their mouth size and airway in mind.

Your dog may also like to pull and tug, and rope toys made for this purpose can last a long time. Choose a strong one though so it doesn't come apart in your hands and disintegrate into small pieces. 

5. Size-Appropriate

Big dogs need big toys. Regardless of your dog's age, you'll want to keep your dog's size in mind when selecting toys for him or her. A small dog will have a hard time picking up and carrying a toy that is too large for his or her mouth, and a large dog will quickly destroy toys that are too small, or worse yet - will swallow them whole. Make sure you pick toys that are the right size for your pup, and if you have a puppy, don't forget to change some of the toys out as he or she grows.

Happy Dog Toy Shopping

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when selecting a dog toy for your best friend. However, if you take all of the above factors into consideration while doing your shopping, then you're sure to find success. Your dog loves you and will enjoy almost any toy that you provide as long as it means spending more time with you. Happy dog toy shopping and good luck!

If you're looking for some great dog toys online that your dog will absolutely love, check out the Toys section of our site. We offer dog toys for every dog personality and we hope your dog will love them all!

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